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Marshall Law: A Quest for a Rotation Spot

I don't have long to write about the Sun-Times’ article, but it would appear that Sean Marshall has no intentions of letting Chad Gaudin (who owns a 13.38 ERA), Aaron Heilman (Who really only has two pitches) or Jeff Samardzija (who is better suited to the pen) take the 5th spot in the rotation.

Marshall threw another 4 1/3 innings yesterday had has a .68 ERA for the spring. I love the fact that Lou has competition brewing between these guys, and is not inclined to name a starter for another week.

Heilman has looked good with his 12 K’s in eight innings. Maybe we could find a taker for him in a trade that actually might help the club. If not, he can stay in the pen for few weeks and wait for somebody to go down.

In other news, the Cubs sent four more to minor league camp, and the roster stands at 53 now. Only 28 more cuts to go.

Pitching Staff

Careful with comments regarding sending Samardzija to the bullpen. On this site such words can incite nuclear warfare, devastation, and destruction for all in a close enough proximity. Well, actually I'm joking here, but you know what I mean. Also I'm pretty sure that Heilman has more than 2 pitches, and I would guess that as the spring progresses and the team moves closer towards the season he will begin to open things up a little bit more and incorporate more breaking balls. I also would be nothing short of shocked if the team traded Heilman, as he was a player that was targeted long before the team landed him in the trade with the Mariners.

In my opinion the cubs should trade Gaudin to San Diego, as they are in pursuit of pitchers on the block who are out of options - hell I would take Henry Blanco in exchange for Gaudin. While they are ridding the team of dead weight, I would move on next to Luis Vizcaino, and either try to trade/dump him on another team or simply release him outright. There are players in the system that can contribute now, while Vizcaino and Gaudin are nothing more than a poor use of 2 roster spots and 5 million bucks. With guys like Samardzija, Hart, Ascanio, Patton, Wells, Stevens, Waddell, Mateo, and others the team could easily lose Gaudin/Vizcaino and not miss a beat. In any case Opening Day is quickly approaching and decisions will be coming soon, hopefully in the form of a sharp axe.

I don't think I ever got hot

I don't think I ever got hot over Samardzija going to the bullpen ... I just think it's a bad idea regarding his development.

Anyway, Blanco - and all newly signed free agents - are not permitted by MLB to be traded until May, I think. But if Gaudin keeps having this crappy spring, I don't know how much value he'll have regardless.

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