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The Beat Report: Cubs lose, Rich Harden, and Cuts

Sorry about the lack of posts recently, but it was a crazy week at work. Well, lets get to the links.

A few of the newspapers talk about handling Rich Harden with care. The Sun-Times’ Gordon Wittenmeyer rehashes all the stuff we heard about Harden sine he came over. By now we know that he has a shoulder problems, and had to be handled with care.

This has to be the 100th story about Harden’s problems. We all know that Harden is at best 50/50 to make 20 or more starts, but I’m sick of hearing about it. I think the Cubs have done the best they can by bringing in a guy like Aaron Heilman to go along with Sean Marshall.

Wittenmeyer also points out in the notebook that the Cubs made their first three cuts. Gone are Rocky Roquet, Ed Campusano and Andrew Cashner. Nothing really surprising here, and the Cubs need to get all the guys competing more time in game action.

Over at the Daily Herald, Bruce Miles does another Q and A on the Cub bullpen. Nothing shocking here, because of course Kevin Gregg and Carlos Marmol are the keys to the pen. Really? That like saying the key to the Yankee pen is who works with Mariano Rivera. For the most part, unless Marshall doesn’t win a rotation spot, Neal Cotts will be the only lefty in the pen. I’m not too concerned about the lefty/righty matchup unless Cotts totally blows right out of spring.

In game action, the Cubs lost 4-3 yesterday to the Dodgers. Ryan Dempster gave up 2 runs in 3 innings, while Randy Wolf and Jeff Weaver shut the Cubs out for 5 innings. The one concerning trend is Derrek Lee still doesn’t have an extra base hit. I’m too worried yet, since there are still 30 days until opening day. It is just a trend that needed to be pointed out.

The Tribune’s Paul Sullivan tells us that Dempster likes what he sees from Marshall, Heilman, and Jeff Samardzija. Most likely two of these guys will end up starting at some point this year when Harden goes down for a few weeks, unless the Cubs pull the trigger on Jake Peavy, which doesn’t seem likely.

Those are all the links for today.

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