Goatriders of the Apocalypse

What have we learned about the Cubs the past couple of days?

  • Theriot, Fontenot, Ramirez, Gathright and Hoffpauir can hit;
  • Gaudin gave up a monstrous homer in the first inning of his start
  • Samardzija gave up three runs in his start
  • David Patton, Angel Guzman, and Rocky Roquet cannot hold leads
  • So Taguchi sucks

So, in other words, we haven't learned a thing we didn't already know.

Let's start the season already!!!

I think we have learned one

I think we have learned one thing.

If Gathright continues to hit, and carries a .300 avg through spring, I think he earns himself more playing time than was expected at the time of his signing.

If Bradley's legs aren't right by Opening Day (and honestly, there's a distinct chance of that happening), I could see an OF of Soriano-Gathright-Fukudome starting against right-handers.

Even if Bradley comes out healthy, Gath may be taking some PT from Fuk, depending on how the Twirler performs in March.

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