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An interesting garbage pickup that might pay dividends

I did not realize we had signed Corey Koskie.  Heck, I didn't realize that he'd been out of baseball since 2006, when he suffered a serious concussion as a member of the Brewers.  Koskie has always been one of those guys you pretty much take for granted. 

He was also a hell of a player for several years, he is playing well for Team Canada (yep, another hockee fan) and if he is all the way back, wouldn't he make a swell left-handed hitting backup 1B-3B? His career OPS+ is 113.  He gives Uncle Lou the versatlity that GoatFave Micah Hoffpauir does not.  Should The Hoff be worried?

Perhaps.  Or perhaps Joey Gathright should be worried.  These are good problems to have - to have 30-32 bonafide major league talents in your camp.  God knows there were many years where we were lucky to have almost 20 bonafides on our roster.  If Koskie is all the way back, I can't see how we can keep him off our roster for long.  Maybe he puts in a little time in Iowa. 

But, once again, if he's all the way back, it just frees up more of our surplus talent to use to go after You Know Who.  My wife says that I don't seem to remember much anymore, but once an idea gets in my head, it is impossible to shake. 

Kudos to Jim Hendry to giving Koskie one more chance - it could pay off huge, with absolutely no risk.


Yes, he is an interesting addition. And it does provide a predicament. Keep Gathright for his speed? Keep The Hoff for his "hot bat"? Either way, it is just another addition to an already STACKED lineup, both up North and in the farm system. Keeping guys fresh and healthy will pay off HUGE dividends to the Cubbies.

I like the signing of Koskie

I like the signing of Koskie a lot. I much like you forgot about the guy and didn't know that he was attempting a return to baseball. I watched him in the game with Team Canada versus the Blue Jays, where he played well as the team's DH. If he can provide a bat off the bench and be a solid backup for the infield corners, then I think the team did extremely well in finding a useful piece to the puzzle during spring training. Something as simple as having Koskie to backup 3B will enable the other infielders (especially Fontenot & Miles) to concentrate on doing their jobs and not doing more than what what they are capable of. Plus its always nice when an NL team can use a dangerous hitter during Interleague & World Series games to DH as well, so that they aren't at a complete disadvantage. A team can't beat having a competition to earn a spot on the bench, especially when in the cubs' case it involves so many guys that can actually play a role on the team.

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