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What Jersey would you want?

OK, this is a sort of poll, only I don't want to restrict options, so I'll just tally it by hand after a few months.

If you could have one, and only one, top-level professional jersey (this includes MLB, the Negro Leagues, and the Japanese leagues), from any player who
ever played, who would it be? 

Personally, I can't decide between Greg Maddux, Mordecai "Three-Finger" Brown, Sadaharu Oh, and Josh Gibson.  Although I'm extremely Caucasian, so that kind of rules out Gibson (a Negro Leagues player).

In terms of the old school

In terms of the old school guys, I probably would avoid getting a jersey with their name on it unless it looks like a jersey they wore.

Being "extremely" Caucasian is no reason not to show respect for a guy like Gibson. In fact I think more modern fans - white or otherwise - would do well to wear Negro leagues gear.

Me, I'm a recent owner of an early 80's Expos home jersey with Andre Dawson's name and number on the back... if I could own any throwback jersey otherwise, it'd probably be a Ted Williams Sox jersey.

All that said, if I could *only* have one, I'd probably have a home Cubs Dawson uniform. He was my favorite player for my favorite team. (I do already own one of these, incidentally)

Jerseys I want

Jersey I know that actually exists that I want: Satchel Paige St. Louis Browns jersey.

Dream jersey: Damon Berryhill, 1988 road jersey

Jerseys I own:

1938 Gabby Hartnett Home Jersey
1984 Rick Sutcliffe away
1969 Ron Santo home
1969 Ernie Banks away


Had a couple that I have been shopping for but with the "recession", my jersey t-shirts will have to work for now.

1) 1969 Cubs Home Ron Santo jersey from Mitchell and Ness. LOVE the HUGE Cubs C on the front. And it is Ronnie!

2) Going off of the previous post, both the Ted Williams Red Sox jersey and Andre Dawson 1984 jersey would be awesome to have as well.

3) 1971 Roberto Clemente Home jersey would be very nice as well. Greatest Right fielder of all time (next to Slammin' Sammy...haha...I'm kidding).

4) My final jersey would be a 1985 Walter Payton Bears Home jersey.

Of course there are more...LOTS more. (I do like my 1996 black pinstripe Michael Jordan jersey)


Joe DiMaggio called him "the best and fastest pitcher I've ever faced".
Satchel Paige...was the oldest starter (pitcher) in MLB history...he was a Negro League star years prior.

I have really been wanting a

I have really been wanting a Santo or Banks 1969 jersey from Mitchell and Ness but there is no way I'm paying close to 300 dollars for one. Although they are badass. So instead, I have been wanting to get an 84 Ryan Sandberg throwback (Majestic version) that I have seen at my local mall for 200. Even that is a little much for me, so I might just settle for a cheap Majestic Cubs home jersey with Soto on the back. haha

So to answer the question, my one jersey I would love to have would be the Mitchell and Ness 1969 home jersey with either Santo or Banks on the back. I would probably just flip a coin for which name to have on the back. lol

I only wear Gary Gaetti

I only wear Gary Gaetti jerseys, but if I were to venture outside of the familiar I would get a Jody Davis or a Kirby Puckett.

negro leagues

I also am (though perhaps not EXTREMELY) caucasian, but I'd love to have a negro leagues jersey. And, as much as he meant in his last years to baseball as a whole, I'd love to have a Buck O'Neil jersey from the Monarchs.

If you want to vote for John

If you want to vote for John E. Sununu or Jeanne Shaheen, you will get the chance ... than would be the case in a densely populated state like New Jersey.

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