Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The Sunday Roundup

Lets take a stroll around the Sunday news and see what our favorite writers dug up out in Arizona, a place we all wish we could be right now.

In the Daily Herald, Bruce Miles tells us that we will miss Mark DeRosa, but Mike Fontenot will be just fine. I truly hope “Little Babe Ruth” is up to the challenge.

In other news, Aaron Heilman threw two scoreless innings in his Cubs debut., and like everybody else, is the running for a rotation spot. I think one of the best things that Jim Hendry did this season was bring in a variety of players to compete for the rotation spots. It should foster competition, and maybe we can catch lighting in a bottle.

As for Sun-Times, the lead story of the day talks about how the World Baseball Classic is already losing steam in its second year. I have to agree with Gordon Wittenmeyer this time around, which doesn’t happen often.
Having the WBC in March is a terrible idea from Bud Selig, and the moment a big-time player is hurt the tournament will be all over.  MLB needs to find a way to move the WBC to November in hot weather cities, which shouldn’t be too hard.

Another item is the possibility of Curt Schilling pitching with the Cubs. I can’t imagine this happening, but if  he will take a Minor League Deal it couldn’t hurt.

In the Tribune, there is talk of Curt, and Ryan Sandberg learning the ropes in the minors. There is talk that Sandberg will take over for Lou Piniella when he is ready to walk away. It is nice to see a guy like Ryno working his way through the minors, but only time will tell if he has the stuff to manage in the bigs. One of my goals this summer is to make it up to Tennessee to see the Smokies in action. What do you think about Ryno back at Wrigley?  

Ryno is a celebrity - not a manager

I'm a big Ryno fan. I mean I had the poster on the wall growing up, was a 6 foot tall second baseman in high school. (remember the day when middle infielders for the Cubs were that size?) But this has been started awhile back, and it's heading that direction, and it's a bad idea.

I got the chance to here Ryno speak, at a Lutheran Schools fundraiser, in which in short Ryno's speech was:
- I went to Sunday School and had perfect attendance (that was the entirety of the Lutheran tie in)
- I got traded to the Cubs
- Replay of the The Ryne Sandberg game
- I was a good fielder, player, hitter and did it "the right way"
- Anyone else want to ask me questions (about myself inferred)? At which people ask him questions about steriods, instant replay, and other ridiculous questions.

His talk was amazingly self focused. I mean I know he was the main speaker, but it wasn't exactly motivating. In fact I left disliking the man I grew up idolizing. I even attended Ryno retirement jersey day.

Anyways, it 180'd my opinion whether he should be the Cubs manager. Having him as a minor league manager is a great idea for this reason:$. He sells tickets. But managers don't sell tix at the big league level, winning managers sell tix. And I fear that he is being groomed for the job because of his 23 hanging on the fair pole, not because of his managing expertise. I don't see him as a Pete Rose or Lou Pinella who can set a young egotistical player straight. I see the players trying to set his ego straight.

And how could you ever fire Ryno? We'd cycle through years of players before Hendry gets around to hime "spending more time with his family."

I wonder what number he'd wear... I hope I never have to find out.

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