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The Beat Report: Milton Bradley, Ted Lilly and Ryan Theriot

Well, this is my second attempt at the Beat Report. Yesterday's post vanished after my school computer decided to mess up on me. The purpose of the Beat is to give some quick insight about the Cubs various beat writers, and provide some GROTA commentary.

First up at the Tribune, Paul Sullivan takes a few minutes to talk to Ron Washington about our new favorite cub Milton Bradley. Washington says that you don’t have to worry about Milton, just handle him with care. I don’t know about you, but that sounds a lot like worrying to me. I really hope this is just the case of Milton working out too hard this year, and he is just sore. I know that probably isn’t case, but it’s too early to become negative.

Rick Morrissey points out that Carlos Zambrano won’t be a great pitcher until he wins 20 games. Hmm….and I say Morrissey won’t be a great writer until he wins the Pulitzer Prize. We all know Big Z hasn’t won 20, but that doesn’t take away from his accomplishments. My worry with Zambrano is that he puts too much pressure on himself. With his shoulder, that is the last thing we need.

Ah, there is nothing like reading the Sun-Times in the morning. Always trying to drum up some kind of controversy each day. It usually starts with Gordon Wittenmeyer one day saying that Jeff Samardzija is getting the first shot at the 5th starter’s spot. Then, he follows it up with Sean Marshal actually already has it in the bag, etc.

Today, Gordon says that Ted Lilly might visit with Ozzie Guillen on his way to the WBC. I must have missed the part where Lilly said something two weeks ago, but he apparently ticked Ozzie off. Who doesn’t tick Ozzie off? 

In the same notebook, we find out that Rich Harden is progressing, while Andrew Cashner looking good to Lou Piniella.

Over at the Daily Herald, Bruce Miles has another one his Q and A’s about each Cub position. Today, he deals with Ryan Theriot. Not a lot of substance about “The Riot”, but he does point out that Theriot is loved by Lou and the Cub Brass. The love stops with the Baseball Prospectus.
We all know that Theriot won’t ever be Jose Reyes, but given our other options I will take him. Our other option would be a guy we shipped over to the Mariners.

Finally, the Cubs thumped the Rangers 10-4 with Micah Hoffpauir and Mike Fontenot both hitting homers in the 7-run second inning. Sam Fuld also hit a home run on his way to AAA Iowa.

That is it for today. I will take a look around the beats tomorrow.

ADDITIONAL NEWS (brought to you by Kyle): I didn't want to make my own post for this, so I thought I'd just drop it in here. The Twitterverse informs me that the Cubs signed 3B Corey Koskie to a minor league deal today. Apparently this is to bring in some competition for the backup spot behind Ramirez. It's also worth noting that Koskie had 100 RBI for the Twins in 2002.

Ozzie who?

Eff Ozzie Guillen, who gives a shiz if he's pissed off! All he ever does is throw little temper tantrams and expect everybody to stop what they are doing and give a shit why he is mad. Well I for one could care less if he is mad or even in this country for that matter. My 3 year old nephew is more mature than Ozzie! If he is mad now, he's really going to be pissed when his team wins 70 games this year cause they blow! I say again Eff Ozzie, I'm done venting, thanks for Reading, I'm out! Go Cubbies!

Winning 20

The lack of f-bomb kind of ruined the joke I was making in my old post, so here's another one related to the original post.

You know how many times Greg Maddux won 20 games? Only twice -- and yet he is considered the greatest pitcher of his generation by many. (I personally consider him in the top 3 all-time, along with Babe Ruth and Mordecai Brown.)

PS. I hope Corey Koskie makes the team, just to see the confusion among fans between Koskie and Kosuke.

Forgive me for forcing the

Forgive me for forcing the change, PsyMar. If you want to drop eff-bombs via carnie talk, I'd probably be okay with that as long as you don't go over the fop-you-double-coping tizzzzz-op.

Brooks, this is the second

Brooks, this is the second time in about a week that I had to change up your rhetoric...

In the "real world" I've been known to drop my share of F-bombs, but GROTA is run by consensus and we concluded at the very beginning of this site's existence that the f-bombs would be minimal-to-nil. So, PLEASE, control yourself. As Harry Caray once said, people like him have to be on air live for hours at a time often becoming emotionally involved in their job. And if THEY can refrain from swearing, so can we.

So please don't make it my job to police after you. Neither of us need the headache.

I Apologize

I apologize, I am a huge Cubs fan as I can see you all are, and get carried away sometimes! I did not realize that this site was censored. It will not happen again.


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That's the less common

That's the less common spelling he uses just during spring....

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