Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Piniella/Soriano batting order red herring

This is what passes for news out of Mesa - Uncle Lou sez that he talked to Al Soriano, and Al don't care where he bats, as long as he gets to stay where they put him.  (A reasonable reply, if you ask me)  Then Lou says that if the season started today, Al would bat leadoff anyway.  And every single solitary news source prints it breathlessly, well, that and poor pictures of Z's macho-stache.

Can't someone get us a really clear picture of the stache?

And, I don't blame Lou for not wanting to spend the whole spring answering the Leadoff question.  Lou probably ought to take the hint, though.  If the whole world thinks its a good idea to move the guy, then maybe it should be considered.

I'm not sure, though, if Milton Bradley is the answer, as Rosey from the Trib seems to think.  Of course, he led all humans in OBP last year.  Let's chew on that, shall we?

Really really boring day. 

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