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Nothing else to do but wait (a random slightly OT post)

So, I'm in the midst of apartment and (possibly) roommate shopping. Trying to go from the NW 'burbs to Chicago. Somewhere preferably on the Metra UPN line (if you got tips, I'm all ears). I responded to a roommate wanted listing on Craigslist that sounded good and fit my needs. In the course of emailing back and forth with the individual, I mentioned that my summer routine often revolves around "when is the game?"

As a follow up, she asks me where I typically watch the game: at home or go "to the stadium".


I sat and laughed at that for a good minute. Stadium. No, no, no my dear. As far as I'm concerned, it's "the yard", "the park", or just "Wrigley". Stadium? That's for monstrosities like "Yankee Stadium" or football venues. I don't know yet if she's non-native, or just not into baseball, but it did make me laugh.

In the event I do wind up having her as a roommate, a crash course in Cub-ucation will be taking place.

Maybe she's related to Jeff

Maybe she's related to Jeff Gordon.

Could be!

Could be!


I love it!! Cub-ucation is a must for those who have been deprived of these daily necessities!

I do suggest however trying

I do suggest however trying that TV-5 Terk antenna, preferably from Best .
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