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I got nothin' Part 2 - photoshop concepts

I hope everybody is having a good Valentine's weekend.  I'm fortunate to be spending mine in the States, where I have lounged about lazily while thinking almost not at all about blogging.  (Although on Monday we'll have something - or maybe lots of things - about the start of Spring Training and Carlos's manstache.)

Since people do seem to like the photoshops, I thought I'd open a thread about them.  I've done an awful lot of them in my time, many for The Heckler as well, and not all of them - okay, fine, many of them - will be remembered for being timeless classics of satire and humor. 

So, I'll put it out to you guys.  What do you think would be a funny photoshop?  But keep in mind one thing: I'm actually trying to avoid the ones that make fun of the Cubs.  Sure, they're the easiest, but I've seen our 'chops on more than one Cardinals website in the past few years.

If I choose your idea, I will add your username to the tag.

I still think the bad boys

I still think the bad boys of summer would be great. pictures of both milton and sweet lou simultaneously throwing things onto the field.

Carlos + Terminator 2 +

Carlos + Terminator 2 + Lasik surgery? See where I'm going with this?

Kurt, any photoshop of

Kurt, any photoshop of Carlos' big pimpin' 70s style porn mustache is okay. In fact, I think it is required.

Cubs Voltron

Could we look into doing a Cubs Voltron type of thing? You know, different players make up the arms and legs. Piniella could be the head.

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