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Lou's future

There is a blog in Bleeding Cubbies Blue talking about Lou's future. According to them via WSCR via an un-named Cub's blog with a source, Lou has talked to Hendry about retiring at the end of the season. The reasons given were he wanted to get away from the club house politics and the pressure from the media. I have a question about his future with the Cub's. If he is looking to leave at the end of 2009 for the reasons given would he consider going to AAA for the last year of his contract (he is signed thru 2010).

I bring this up because we all complain about the Cub's farm system and the fact that they don't develop position players. In Lou's time here he has developed at least Theroit and Fontenot into good/decent players. If I remember correctly they were not considered top propects. I would also give Lou partial credit for Soto's development based on the number of failures we have had in the past with propects at the major league level.

For Lou it could mean semi-retirement. At 3A ball he would face less pressure from the media and fans, fewer ego's, and a shorter season. Travel may-be an issue, but I am sure something could be worked out. He could focus more on developing players and less on winning now. Could he have done something with Pie if could of let him play everyday doing what Lou wanted. He could get Hendry to cut or trade the deadwood and bring up 2A players to develop. An added extra could be that he could identify players the Cub's should target in trades. 

Just offering a different approach to solving an age old problem with the Cub's farm system.

Apart from trusting them to

Apart from trusting them to play more than the team's last manager, I don't think Lou has had a lot to do with the development - or success - of the Cubs younger players. I can't see Lou as being a guy who would manage anywhere but in the majors, and since he exercised his option to manage through 2010 I can't imagine that he'll be going anywhere after '09.

If the Cubs are going to have better young players, then they will need to change the way they draft and develop.

Lou's contract

As far as Lou's retirement, I got that 3rd hand so who knows how acurate that is. You could be correct, trust may-be a better discription than develope. Please correct me if I am wrong about the fact that Tehroit and Fontenot were not highly thought of as prospects. It is that fact that I am building my arguement on. Lou saw something in them that nobody else did and led him to trust them and increase their playing time. No Lou can not make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, but are there players that could help the major league roster next year or year after that. My quess is that Lou may see that and put them in a positon to succeed. The people we currently have in place don't seem to be able to do that. I am looking at this as a short term first step as to the Cub's improving their scouting, drafting and development.

Fontenot was a highly

Fontenot was a highly regarded prospect, who was a 1st round pick, at 19th overall, in 2001, but in the orioles system was largely blocked by B-Rob. I would assume that Fontenot was the only worthwhile return the cubs got for syringe-flicking, salsa-dancing Sammy but I'll leave that for you to decide. You are correct about Theriot. He wasn't highly regarded by any means, and for quite some time he was looked at as Ronny Cedeno's backup plan, which is just another feather in the cap of the cubs' player evaluation system. You are not off at all though, on the fact that Lou is a large part of the reason that Theriot, Fontenot, and Soto got the playing time they did. Aside from Fontenot, the incumbents at their respected positions made the decisions to give Soto & Theriot time on the field much easier, as Jason Kendall and Ronny Cedeno weren't exactly hammering out much production anyway. But without a doubt, its fair to question whether or not without the presence of Sweet Lou any of these players come to the forefront to produce the way they have. I personally, would say that Soto made the decision pretty easy for Lou given the depth and players the cubs have had at his position before he got there. But in the case of Fontenot and Theriot I think its pretty evident that Lou has had a big part in their development and if nothing else he instilled his confidence in them, which may have been all they needed.

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