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Just when I start to get the nagging feeling like the Reds might be on the right track

Today the Dusties signed Daryle Ward's fat ass and Jacque Jones' inferiority complex, albeit to minor league deals.

I actually spent quality time today considering whether or not the Cardinals or the Reds would finish 2nd in the Central this year.  There is a bit of buzz that the Reds are on the right track.  I guess they call THIS a "buzzkill", then.

You may have read some of my

You may have read some of my other comments on this issue previously, but I'm with you on the Reds coming in 2nd in the division. I think the Cards are lacking in pitching.


Dusty gets baseball mancrushes on such notable names as: Jacquestrap Jones, Neifi "Speedy" Perez, and The Great One Jerry Hairston, Jr. I think once the initial confidence wears off the Reds as it always does, Dusty's boys will sit back, stop "clogging up the basepaths", and give the fine folks in Ohio even more reason to not go to baseball games in Cincinnati (or Cleveland for that matter).

I honestly don't know who is going to be worth a damn (besides the Cubs) in the NLC. So far, I'm only giving the Cubs the division and nothing further, but I know (I hope?) we're not done making moves, but seriously, my NLC "sucks" list:

Reds: Suck
Pirates: Suck
Cardinals: Suck
Astros: Suck - I think - I haven't even heard of them in a long time
Brewers: Maybe don't suck? I think the Brewers come in 2nd, with 79 wins.

Brewers cannot come in 2nd

Brewers cannot come in 2nd with their present rotation. They're gonna get shelled, the bullpen will quickly become overworked, and they'll just suck.

Reds rotation is better than Suck, and their defense is much better than last year's. But they'll miss Dunn's bat.

Cards have some decent starters, and a few solid hitters. Not much different from 2008 I don't think.

If they all suck...

...and we know the NL West is on the same level of suckitude. I suppose the NL East will all be over .500, well, except the Nats.

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