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Taking a page from an old book

I've always been a fan of the old team photos that used to be very popular at the turn of the 20th century... sort of like the ones on the cover of The Best Team Ever, the book about the amazing 1907 Cubs.

I've been thinking about doing a modern version, and here's what I came up with ...

2009 Cubs

You'll see that there was only room for 18.  I had to pick which ones to leave off.  I'm also probably going to do a second one in which I give it the more traditional newspaper look.  Enjoy.


Wouldn't it make more sense to flip-flop the positions so DLee is by first, fontenot at 2nd, theriot at short, ramirez at 3rd? Same goes for the OFers....

Dear God...

I just realized Mike Fontenot really is our opening day 2nd baseman. I certainly don't want to get to second base with him.

...uh, why?

...uh, why?

I think

he was referring to kissing and heavy petting and Fontenot not being much of a looker, but I could be wrong. Might be that he just doesn't like Fontenot at 2nd, though, although I find that hard to believe.


It was only the hottest item outside of Wrigley this year.



Nope. I based it on the

Nope. I based it on the originals from the era, and that was essentially the order they put 'em in.

NLCS Champs?

Am I missing something? I don't remember the team being in the NLCS since '03. You might want to change that in future covers. Not trying to bust your balls, just pointing that out.

CS = Central... Scrum?

CS = Central... Scrum? Shitheap?

One other thing

One other improvement that I would suggest has to do with Reed Johnson's pic. The pic you have for him is kind of um....eh. I would suggest trying to find a picture of him with his hat flipped up from right after he made that amazing catch in April against the Nationals. That would be cool since it was probably the best play last year.


That there's only been criticism, let me just say nice job. It's a cool concept.

Good job...

And I like the fact that the Moose is the only one wearing the blue jersey.

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