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Pitching Update

With Heilman coming in and Olson gone, let's recategorize our current pitching staff to see what is reasonable to expect for 2009 as of today.


Four of our starters are easy:

Z, Demp, Lilly, Harden


The "bona fide" relievers:

Marmol, Gregg, Cotts, Vizcaino


Then the swingmen, who might start or relieve, but will be on the 12-man:

Marshall, Gaudin, Heilman


That's 11 of 12, leaving one spot for the three pitchers left on our roster without options:

Wuertz, Guzman, Hill


Then there are the AAA guys, who might be major league ready, but simply don't fit as of right now, and will likely be in the minors since they have options:

Samardzija, Stevens, Hart


I think that's where the list ends for possible '09 contributors, although someone like Cashner might also surprise. Who knows.


So guys, what do we do with all these arms? Who starts? Relieves? Pitches in Iowa? Is traded?



Trade Wuertz Leave Guzman on

Trade Wuertz

Leave Guzman on the MLB roster

Take a chance and send down Hill

If they go the 7 reliever

If they go the 7 reliever route, mine are...

Long Relief: Guzman
Middle Relief: Wuertz, Marshall, Vizcaino, Gaudin
Lefty Specialist: Cotts
Set Up: Gregg
Closer: Marmol

I realize that's 8 ... either Gaudin or Marshall get the nod for the 5th spot in the rotation, and probably I'd go with Gaudin at this point.

Also I'd lay odds on Rich Hill starting the year on the DL. If he's pitching "right" again, they'll make room for him.

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