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The New Peavy Trade-0-Meter

By popular demand, I've decided to make the Peavy Trade-0-Meter a fixture on the blog for the foreseeable future.  By this time tomorrow night, it should be located where the Zambran-0-Meter lives during the regular season, and it will look like this:



meh really? on my iphone

meh really? on my iphone there is an app called mlb at bat and they had a video dedicated to "impending peavy to chicago" complete with secret inside sources and everything
come onnnnnnnn

Yea I saw the same thing on

Yea I saw the same thing on the Cubs website. I really hope it happens but this feels all too familiar with the whole Brian Roberts thing of last year.

I don't buy it -- when it's

I don't buy it -- when it's being reported on Cubs.com as being eminent, or the Tribune website, or ESPN, we'll change the meter

I don't see how the trade

I don't see how the trade for Peavy could be heating up as more and more pieces of the deal are being unloaded in every other direction. At this point who do the cubs even have to put into a package to complete a trade for Jake Peavy? Vitters is the only player that has remained in the deal from the start. Sean Marshall and Micah Hoffpauir are going to have to enter into these trade talks because the team simply doesn't have enough bullpen and minor league arms to pull off a deal this big. Personally I see this trade losing steam by the day; as Cedeno, Pie, Olson, DeRosa, and Ceda have all been used in separate deals. While very few pieces remain that could be used to satisfy the demands of a 6-for-1 player trade.

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