Goatriders of the Apocalypse

An Addendum to the Letters to the Owner

Hey Ricketts,


I for one just wanted to let you know where I stand specifically on the 2009 season. I've also got a buddy named Rob who, I think, feels similarly, so since there's two of us, you better take us seriously.


As the new owner of your favorite sports franchise, you're probably excited about the prospect of getting involved in the baseball side of things--making the deals, signing off on big, flashy new acquisitions, and so on and so forth. I bet you're totally psyched about the prospect of getting behind the wheel on things like the pending Jake Peavy deal, and making things happen for our beloved club. I have to say, I'm pretty jealous.


As you well know, many trades in our sport involve two types of players. Most often, one team gives up "young, talented prospects," in exchange for "proven major league level talent." For example, you may be asked to give up some prospects, such as Josh Vitters, Sean Marshall, Garrett Olson, Kevin Hart, Ronny Cedeno, Angel Guzman, and others in exchange for a Jake Peavy-type starting pitcher (in which case, for God's sakes, PULL THE TRIGGER MAN!!!!).


A well-run franchise often balances the need to succeed in the present, with a sense of preparing for the future; win now, while keeping SOMETHING in the farm to build on for the next go-round. This concept of balance brings me to my request for the 2009 season.


Good sir. I implore you. SCREW BALANCE!


You have just purchased a team that is prepared to win now. It is not perfect, but it is damn near close, and much closer than every team in its division, much less its league. Members of the baseball media have led us fans to believe that a deal for Jake Peavy is, at the very least, possible. I strongly urge you to give up whatever it takes to complete this deal.


Furthermore, if Jim or Randy or any other member of Cubs' brass approaches you with a deal that improves the 2009 team, PLEASE do not let 2015 get in the way of that deal. Of course, as I've already mentioned, this team is already really good, and shouldn't need many more upgrades, but you get what I'm saying.


For my part of the bargain, I promise I will not get huffy at any point before 2015 if the Cubs flat out suck. I will direct my attention to the newest Cub acquisitions obtained via the draft. I will go on and on about how spectacular they are, while the glorious veterans of yesteryear slowly fade into average-ness. I will wear my Soto jersey with pride as we restock the farm and prepare for another run at greatness.


The window is closing, Ricksy. Hurry up and win while there's still time.







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