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Ronny Cedeno's future ...

On the opening day Cubs roster
26% (8 votes)
Trade bait that some poor schmuck will bite on
65% (20 votes)
Sad participant (aka LOSER) on Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader
3% (1 vote)
Making Cub fans everywhere happy playing for the SOX SUCK
6% (2 votes)
Total votes: 31

thankskurt:-D Can anyone


Can anyone think of a lefty reliever on a team that could use a middle infielder? HC, if it's a crazy trade proposal we're looking for, you're my guy!

A couple ideas

A few teams that match the need for a player like Ronny Cedeno would be the Indians, Rangers, or Twins; but none of these teams really have a lefty in their pen that jumps out at you.

The best match-up that I can find is with the Toronto Blue Jays. The team lacks a proven guy at SS, with Scutaro and McDonald, and the Blue Jays bullpen boasts four lefties. Ronny Cedeno won't get you B.J. Ryan anytime soon; but Scott Downs, Brian Tallet, or Jesse Carlson could possibly be options to consider.

I actually like that. They

I actually like that. They need cheap, and they're overstocked with lefties.

Cedeno to Toronto, I heard it here first. Thanks HC.


The Orioles are reportedly short on middle infielders and in need of a shortstop. They have Izturis..yikes. As for a lefty reliever though, their bullpen stinks (actually, their pitching stinks in general), the exception being George Sherrill, so they probably don't match up well with the Cubs unless the Cubs were willing to package Cedeno with a couple young power arms and a couple more nice prospects for say Sherill and Brian Roberts. Sherrill made $980K last year and has asked for $3.4M while the Orioles submitted an arbitration figure of $2.2M. They aren't certain still, to go into arbitration, but since these cases typically get settled for somewhere around the midpoint of the two submitted figurs, that means that Sherrill will likely settle with the Orioles for about $2.8M, which would mean that his salary would triple from last year. Sherrill was their closer last year, but had some shoulder inflamation problems down the stretch, so maybe they would deal him for the right package of young players.

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