Goatriders of the Apocalypse

I think I'm out, and then they pull me back in!

My brother called to tell me that they are reporting on XM that the Padres are trying to start up trade talks with the Cubs again for Jake Peavy.

The rumored bounty it would take to land the Padres ace are Marshall, Olsen, Vitters, Hart, and ... uh ... somebody else.  I can't remember the name, but I don't think it was anybody grossly important.  Probably one of the pitchers from the Indians trade or something.

Anyway, if that is what San Diego wants, then I can say only one thing to Jim Hendry: Pull the trigger!

And I see Marshall & Olson

And I see Marshall & Olson in there along with Vitters - that all sounds vaguely familiar

Does Hendry need me to make a call?

I can get involved if I need to. I want this deal done.

My guess on the last guy in

My guess on the last guy in it would be Ronny Cedeno, Weurtz, W Castillo, or as you stated one of the pitchers acquired in the DeRo trade.

Say those players are traded to San Diego, the Cubs still would have a good deal of young arms in the mix; with Rich Hill, Angel Guzman, Kevin Hart, Smardjz, & Chad Gaudin. Add Peavy, and no matter who's left they will be competing for spots in the bullpen and possibly a spot starter at most anyway.

Peavy-Zambrano-Lilly-Dempster-Harden - that is a rotation that never lets up

I'd be a bit surprised

If Olson and Marshall went over to San Diego. I'd think the Cubs would like to hang onto one of them (Marshall, please). But whatever, neither is worth not getting Peavy over.

It would work out for both sides

Marshall would be nice to keep, but for what? The kid is a starter, and if we add Peavy he shouldn't be relegated to long relief and working out of the bullpen for his career. Send him to San Diego and wish him luck, its a great pitchers park and he should easily crack their rotation.


There's a couple of reasons. First off, it's not inconceivable that the Cubs could have a few injuries during the season and it'd be nice to have someone other than Gaudin to step in. Secondly, Marshall is good a cheap. Always good to hang onto if possible. And lastly, if we can't hang onto Harden in the offseason, we can slot Marshall into the rotation.

But like I said, if he's a deal breaker for Peavy, then he goes.

This organization is like an

This organization is like an old lady that hordes antiques. Let him go if you can't use him in the role that he performs best in. I would be fine with him in our rotation or using him to get Peavy, but either way I think its time he got his shot in an MLB rotation. There's no need to make a deal for Peavy and keep Marshall, it'd be nice but not necessary, and San Diego is nuts if they would even consider it. I guess it all really depends on the expected futures of Rich Harden & Ted Lilly more than anything; where if the plan is to resign both of them then Marshall is a luxury.


eather ill go crazy . or ill go MAD!!! i hope we can make it happen this time!!


I think this comes down to, as the new owner of the Cubs (pending, of course), does Ricketts want to be loved, or despised from the start? We need to be in full win-now mentality, then (being, after winning a WS), we can focus on spending on free agents when we need to build while revamping our entire farm system and building smart.

But now...now I'm ready to part with any prospect - or 7 of them if there were 7 actual prospects in our system. Like Da Coach once said, "Whatever it takes."

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