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Saturday Links

Taking a tour of The Hardball Times, we find a few interesting links...

The Hardball Times has an article looking at the best arms in baseball and how many runs they save.  The #1 left field arm?  Not surprisingly, we find Alfonso Soriano at the top with 8 runs saved on defense with his arm alone.  Helps make up for any bad routes he takes out there, huh?

Also not surprisingly, we find Juan Pierre towards the bottom of the list.  What shocks me to my very core is that he's not at the very bottom.  Did Jacque Jones find his way back into a starting lineup, you ask?  Nope, it just turms out that Luis Gonzalez was actually worse in the field than Pierre with his arm.  Although, I suppose this makes sense as Gonzalez has had some surgury on his throwing arm.  Based on being rated below Pierre, I'd have to guess that the surgury was an amputation.

Oh, and for those wondering (like me), Fukudome came in right above average.  That's kind of surprising, but I do seem to remember a fair number of his throws being off line during the season, something we never saw with Soriano.

Our very own Colin has an article with the Hardball Times (Wow.  Colin's, like, famous and stuff) where he discusses a player's value and various aspects of the models people use to calculate value.  My favorite line:

I'm a firm believer in testing, and showing proof. If anyone shows you a model for player performance, he should be showing you the evidence that his model works. If he isn't, you should be very careful in accepting his conclusions - even if you otherwise find him trustworthy.

As a former experimental physicist, that's music to my ears.  I look forward to part 2.

Did you know that The Hardball Times also does a regular piece on baseball history too?  It's a bit...um, different than mine.  And by different, I mean "smarter".  And a bit less "made up".  "Fact based", if you will.  Not once is the phrase "snails down his pants" used.  Despite that, it still seems good.

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