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Kick the tires at least

I guess that I just hold the opinion that if the team isn't going to sign any free agents, then they should at least be doing their do diligence in attempting to put together some trades.  I have a hard time seeing how a ballclub that is likely not going to get much support from the farm system, in the form of call-ups, while making few high dollar free agent signings will be enough.  The cubs have got to be willing to break out of this wait-and-see mode of doing everything and step outside of their comfort-zone.  The team could do much worse by doing nothing than by exploring the possibility of moving some of their players for a reason other than dumping salary.  At some point a significant trade needs to be consumated that helps the team in ways that the farm system and free agency can't.  If the economy remains as it is, then the landscape of this game will have to change with it, and the result will be many teams saddled with players they can't afford.

There are certainly endless possibilities depending on what the team is looking to add along with what they're willing to give up.  So I'll throw a few ideas out there to stir the pot.

-trade Ted Lilly & Ryan Theriot ----> to Braves for Yunel Escobar & Jair Jurrjens.

-trade Gaudin or Gregg & Mike Fontenot ---> to Nationals for Cristian Guzman

-trade Fontenot, Gregg, & Weurtz ---> to Yankees for Robinson Cano

-trade Ronny Cedeno ----> to Padres for Justin Hampson

-trade Vitters, Harden, and Hart ----> to Rangers for Josh Hamilton

I'm not trying to say that any one of these trades could, would, should, or may happen.  I'm simply saying the team should look to be active in making trades as a way to improve the performance of the team on the field, especially if they're not willing to sign free agents or value draft picks in any way shape or form.  I don't view standing pat as others improve around the league to be a good formla for advancing any further than the previous two seasons.


The only thing I don't like

The only thing I don't like is the last Trade.

Josh Hamilton is my favorite player, but we have no need for an outfield, even one as good as Hamilton. Also, I like having Harden. I'd much rather have an excess of Starting Pitching than an excess of Outfielders.

I wouldn't mind seeing him in CF

I would take Josh Hamilton in CF in a heartbeat, even with what the team already has on the roster. The kid has talent that few people on the planet possess, and I only see him getting better. I agree on the depth of SP, but I would try to stockpile guys that can stay healthy especially for what it will likely take to re-sign Harden. A need can be created anytime you're talking about a player like Josh Hamilton, as he is as good or better than any OF currently on the team. And if you can't find a spot for him in your OF, then I would argue that finding him a first-baseman's mitt wouldn't be a bad idea either, pending a D-Lee departure of course.

I've read articles on the

I've read articles on the blogsphere that say Hamilton's not really cut out for CF defensively.

Josh Hamilton

play the guy on the moon if you have to defensively, I don't care, I would take him over nearly any other position player out there. He is going to do some things in the game of baseball that either hasn't ever been seen or it at least hasn't been seen for a long time.

He's hit for two years, in

He's hit for two years, in two home parks that massively favor hitters.

Watch and see. The kid is a

Watch and see. The kid is a special kind of baseball talent. His size, natural ability, and swing are ridiculous. I would bet anything on Hamilton dominating the game for the next decade in any park you want to put him in.


Granted, I think this is irrelevant as Hamilton's not leaving Texas for what we have to offer, but I would say that the home parks aren't something to worry about. Wrigley's more of a hitters park than Texas. That's why we don't have to worry about Bradley.

i have always

i have always wondered why fans always refer to other places as better hitters parks. there is really not a better hitters park than wrigley. when the wind blows out i could hit them onto waveland.

that's probably only 15% of

that's probably only 15% of the time though, the wind is usually coming in or going across the field

You can just look at the numbers

Wrigley was 10% easier to score runs in than average and Texas was something like 7%. That's not something I'm worried about with Bradley or the theoretical acquisition of a Texas center fielder.

wait a while

I was listening to Steve Stone the other day on the Score and he had this bit of advice. Just wait till after the season starts before making any trades. Right now "on paper" we have the division locked up. Lets see who does or doesn't produce or who gets hurt. We don't have major positions that MUST be fixed. Time is our biggest assect right now. If we wait will the price for Jake Peavy come down? Who knows, who else may become available as the season goes on. June is still awhile away and which teams will under achieve and look to move salaries. You are aways in a better barginning position when someone approaches you with a deal. Not to say that Hendry should not set the seeds of possible trades now.

yes but

What if while you're waiting for the price on Jake Peavy to come down more teams enter into the trade talks as a result of the reduced price? The cubs are going to lose a lot no matter when the proposed trade takes place, so I think you jump on it now while no other teams are in the mix. If the cubs can get Peavy with the players they are offering then I would say they are gonna get one hell of a deal while losing out on very little. Few opportunities arise where a team can add a true ace to their staff while not either breaking the bank or losing a great deal of prospects.

Peavy at $80+M is a steal if you look at what CC just got on the open market. You may think that Peavy doesn't compare to CC, which is fine, but I would love to hear you argue that acquiring Peavy with a contract similar to AJ Burnett's latest deal isn't a gigantic bargain. You can say that time is on the cubs side, but do you honestly think that a better player than Jake Peavy is going to emerge by July 31st? If so, then who would that be?

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