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There remains a little over 3 weeks until pitchers and catchers report to spring training, and despite that fact around 100 free agents remain unsigned; some of which are extremely talented players that are struggling to find employment.  The cubs' roster right now resembles a can of sardines, with hardly enough room for everyone; but right now is the time that the cubs could land a player they didn't expect to for much less than they would have ever imagined possible.  Speculation has run amuck this off-season concerning players the team could consider adding to the roster for 2009 yet little has transpired outside of signing Milton Bradley.  So as usual, I will toss another idea out there for cubs' fans to chew on:

Sign Orlando Hudson to a 1-2 year deal.

The opportunity is there, and he would be a certain upgrade at 2B.  Mighty Mike Fontenot could then subsequently be used to further facilitate the Peavy trade talks or he could be put on the market to see what value he could bring in a another trade.  In any case, O-Dog would be an uprade at the position over Font or even DeRosa for that matter.  Hudson's defense is unmatched by most other players in the league at his position, and he provides another hitter in the order switch hitting.  Imagine slotting Hudson in the 2 hole, after Soriano and before Aramis, where the cubs could potentially have switch hitters in the 2nd & 4th spots in the order.  Not to mention the fact that the improved infield defense would aid the cubs' pitchers.  I realize that Hudson is an injury risk, but all players in the league are to a degree, and who's really to say how Fontenot would hold up as an everyday starter anyway.  Beyond Hudson's risk for injury there is very little else that would cause concern in adding a 3 time gold glover to the cubs' infield.  So I said it, and now I expect most of the members of Mighty Mike's fan club to take aim and start throwing bombs in my general direction.


I agree that Orlando Hudson would be a definite upgrade at second base, but there's a couple of problems with signing him.

1) Didn't he just come off of surgery for a broken bone? (In other words - there's an elevated degree of risk over the average)

2) Cost - He's probably going to cost about $10M/year, and that would be for a 3-4 year deal. A shorter deal would likely run even higher per year

Outside of that, yes, Beyonce would be proud to "upgrade ya" to Orlando, Son of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, Defensively, Offensively, and from what I hear, he's an all-around good guy too, maybe even a "sparkplug" type. More than anything, its that $10+M. If that wasn't an issue, Jake Peavy would be about 3 weeks away from reporting to camp as a Cub already.

There is a lot

to like about Hudson but because he's not being a lead off hitter, I think the Cubs are more than willing to play "Mighty Mike" at 2B. I'm more inclined to upgrade at the most defensively challenged position of SS than 2B and when you factor in the money needed to sign Hudson just to upgrade the position defensively, I can't see it happening.

Did you notice that I didn't mention Jack Wilson's name, who at $7M is cheaper and would be a bigger improvement of the Cubs defense? Hell if there is that kind of money available, the Cubs should go out and get Peavy.


Don't even start with me about Jack Wilson. He isn't a free agent so yes he's cheaper, but you also have to trade away valuable pieces to get him. I would welcome Jack Wilson to town like I would welcome a leperacy outbreak.

The biggest equation in getting Peavy won't be his contract, it will be having to trade 6+ guys to get him that will likely set back the non-existent farm system back even further. Also considering the fact that both Lilly and Harden could be lost to free agency when their contracts expire adding Peavy isn't too unrealistic.

What does Hudson not being a lead-off guy have to do with much of anything? I thought that even you would get the memo under your rock by now that Soriano, like it or not, is going to bat lead-off for your Chicago Cubs in 2009.

For a guy

who has spewed more preposterous ideas than you can shake a stick at, I should have expected a childish retort to my comment that was only meant to propose an alternative. Anyone who thinks Soriano wouldn't be replaced in a heartbeat if Piniella can find an replacement, in team or through trade is dreaming. Spending $10M per for multiple years to put Fontenot on the bench or use him in a trade hamstrings the Cubs payroll for what, a defensive upgrade at 2B? Ridiculous!


I enjoy watching Jack Wilson play baseball.

I'm pretty sure that ship

I'm pretty sure that ship has left the port by now. I think Hudson would put up comparable offensive numbers to Fontenot while being better defensively, but probably not to the point of justifying the contract at this stage.


How does anyone know exactly how much it would take to sign him at this point? There's less than a month before spring training and the guy doesn't have a team yet, his contract demands will have to come down, just a suggestion on a good guy to add to the mix.


I agree about upgrading at 2B if possible with a switch hitter who plays outstanding defense. Except I have another guy in mind, one who can also steal a ton of bases and isn't prone to injury. Yes, get those Brian Roberts trade talks going again. Too bad Hendry felt the need to deal DeRosa when he did, for a trio of fringe pitching prospects. He would have been a nice component for a Roberts trade, a less expensive option for them at 2B. They coveted Pie, and adding DeRosa, Cedeno, Hill and a couple more nice prospects might have enticed them to include Roberts.


Once O-Dog signs then the O's and B-Rob are pretty likely to hammer out an extension, which is something that doesn't usually happen before a team deals a player. Following Markakis's extension I wouldn't be at all surprised if they get Roberts for another 3-4 years too.


I couldn't agree more. Why haven't I heard this talk more? If the Cubs are still looking for someone, why not Hudson? He'd provide another L handed hitter and a proven commodity in the middle infield. I'd love to see him in Cubbie blue.

Amen brother, at least I got

Amen brother, at least I got one person agreeing with me here. Someone is gonna get a hell of deal when they sign the guy, so why not the Cubs? Its one of the few spots on the diamond the team can truly improve with whats available on the market and again there are few people to compete with in signing him.

move him to 2B

Just move Hoffpower over to second.....problem solved!!!!!


Hoff could play first and second at the same time while working a shift as a Chicago firefighter that day. sign him up

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