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There have been recent grumblings around the baseball hotstove that Adam Dunn isn't likely to get anywhere near the type of money or years he is after.  Some reports have even been bold enough to predict that he will take a 1 year deal for significantly less money than he expected so that he may re-enter the free agent market next off-season to land a more favorable deal.

With all that being said, why don't the cubs enter into the mix and talk with Dunn about bringing him to the team on a 1 year deal?  If the team could land him on a 1 yr deal for $5-8M then why not?  Even after signing MB it still makes sense because the team could use Dunn in the OF or at 1B.  Dunn would add even more of an attack from the LH side of the plate, he could provide insurance in case of injuries, and having him on the roster could help to give more off days to Lee, Bradley, and Soriano.  Adding Dunn could potentially give the team another big bat to further separate the big hitters in the middle of the order while adding further balance as well.  This is a deal that would make a lot of sense for both Dunn and the Cubs, as he has been quoted as saying that Chicago would be his 1st option and the team could add more to its LH attack.  The biggest dimension that Dunn could potentially add to this team comes in the form of a DH for Interleague games as well as a World Series matchup, where the team could boast a ridiculous pitching staff alongside an American League-caliber lineup.  The move makes sense for so many reasons, and the best part is that there is virtually no bidding war for Dunn's services that the team would have to engage in - Hendry would simply have to beat out the lowly Washington Nationals again.

Imagine the lineup possibilities:

Soriano - Fontenot - Ramirez - Bradley(CF) - Lee - Dunn - Soto - Theriot

Fontenot - Soriano - Bradley - Ramirez - Dunn - Lee - Soto - Theriot

Those are both scary top-to-bottom.  I realize that the team's defense would suffer with an OF of Soriano-Bradley-Dunn, but it wouldn't be everyday and using Dunn in tandem with Fukudome could limit that defensive risk.  I personally like the move because its short-term, low-cost, lends lineup and roster flexibility, provides insurance for many different injury risks, and the guy is available with few suitors and he wants to play in Chicago.  Dunn and Bradley combined take the cubs left-handed hitting presence from non-existent to extremely dangerous overnight, where adding them extends the meat of the order from 3 to 6 with incredible L/R balance.  I would put adding Adam Dunn near the same level of effect as adding Jake Peavy to the team, and the biggest reason for that is the cost involved in acquiring the 2 players.

great, but...

I think that would be great, but I'm guessing that Dunn wants to be guaranteed a starting spot AND I'm not so sure we want MB in CF full-time. The OF is already plenty loaded.


But as I stated, Sori-Bradley-Dunn doesn't have to be the everyday outfield, but its there whenever the team needs it or wants to use it. I think most would agree that D-Lee, Soriano, and Bradley are all going to need days off to maintain productivity over the course of the season and by adding Dunn those guys can get those days off without seeing a drop-off in production throughout the lineup. I agree Dunn likely would want a full time job, but very few teams are offering him much of anything. I'm looking at it realistically. If I were Adam Dunn would I want to be the best player on a last place team in Washington for 2009? Or would I be willing to be one of many contributors on a Playoff-caliber team for a year and then re-enter free agency in 2010? I would go out on a limb here and say that in Dunn's time with the Reds he likely got his fill of being a great player on terrible teams. Plus if the market is diminishing Dunn's value to the point that is being discussed, then the Cubs could easily match the Nationals dollar-for-dollar and they would still wind up getting Dunn for 1 season at a discount. It only makes sense to consider this at the very least; since Dunn comes at a low price for his production, the deal is short-term, he can be used as insurance in the case of injury(MB) or poor play (Fuku), and Dunn plus Bradley really stabilizes the team's LH hitting attack while also balancing out the heart of the order. How often can a team add a power LH bat capable of 40 bombs at such a deep discount with little or no competition for his services?

i'm all for it

If Dunn, et al. is willing to go for such and the Cubs are willing to offer, I think it sounds like a great idea. I think it will be interesting to see how much and how fast the "dominoes" will fall after Manny signs - somewhere.


The dominoes have already fell, and Manny with many of the other free agents are left twisting in the wind. Manny is in the same boat without a paddle as Dunn, neither have too many takers willing to pay them the type of money they want over the number of years they are after. What is that I hear? -- its opportunity knocking.


We got a guy better than Dunn and he doesn't strikeout twice a game like Dunn does.....Give Hoff-power a chance!!! He can play 1 bag and I know for a fact he can do better in the outfield than Soriano and his hop.


You're comparing a kid that has barely got a cup of coffee in the big leagues to a player that has hit 40 Jacks a year for the last 5 years? 1st base is a bit more limited in terms of PT on the cubs roster also, whereas with the OF there are 3 guys that get to play each day so its easier to swap guys in and out. Hoffpauir is a nice prospect in the system and I like his bat, but I have an extremely difficult time listening to you talk about the kid's glove like its something to get excited about - especially in the OF. He is nowhere near a good OF; his glove is fine, but with limited range, and the firstbaseman's cannon he's armed with don't help his cause. I like Hoffpauir as much as any cubs fan, but I have to look at his situation a bit more realistically. The guy soon will be 29 years old and Derrek Lee is signed through 2010 with a full no trade clause, so Hoff's first shot at holding down 1stBase would come in 2011 when he will be 31 years old. Hoffpauir is a great hitter, but he is simply in the wrong organization. Hoffpauir's greatest value to this team comes in the form of a trade right NOW while his value is high following his 08 season in AAA. Otherwise Hoff becomes the next cub prospect that management can't decide whether to shit-or-get-off-the-pot-with; where the team ends up holding on to him for far too long and in the end you get no production or trade value from him. Do you think that his value would be higher now (after hitting .362 w 25 HR & 100 RBI in 2008) or after the 2009 campaign where he likely will have a warm seat next to Lou chewing seeds?

Micah Hoffpauir is a solid player but he's not better than Adam Dunn. In his 7.5 seasons at the MAJOR LEAGUE LEVEL Dunn has 278 HR and 672 RBI's. Hoffpauir has played in a whopping 33 games in the big leagues with less than 100 at bats, and even in the minor leagues over 7 seasons (675 games) Hoff hasn't put up numbers even comparable to Dunn's MLB numbers. And yes, I know the minor league seasons are shorter Wah-Wah-Wah, but Hoffpauir has spent the last 4 seasons at AAA where the pitching isn't quite on the same level. So I'll take a wild shot in the dark here, and I'll guess that the mighty Hoffpauir doesn't fit onto the roster with the players the team currently has, which is because he's a 1stbaseman and not an OF. Unfortunately Hoff is walking down the same path that Felix Pie was just thrown down; an excellent AAA player with a lot of potential, who the cubs never really gave a chance at the big league level. And if Hoff is as good as you and the team think that he is, then I would argue that bringing him up to the bigs to be a backup to a 1stbaseman that plays 150+ games per season and be the 6th OF would probably be the biggest waste of talent that could be found anywhere around the game today. Unfortunately you, me, nor the organization really know how good this guy can be at the highest level and I don't think his role as the 25th man on the roster, ala Daryle Ward, will clear things up much.

*Also Dunn does strike out a lot, but not twice per game. Feel free to check my math on that one if you like.


How many homers did he have once he was traded to the D-Backs??? Are you sure you name is not Carlos Zambrano and the only reason you want Dunn is so that you will no longer have to give up 600 foot bombs to him anymore?

Once Soriano breaks his ankle doing "the hop" in 2009 we need to put Hoffpauir in LF. Or maybe after Bradley assualts a wannabe Bartman in right for interfering the Hoff could play out there! We need to make room for him....hell I wouldn't mind seeing them trade Lee so I don't have to sit on my couch and say "here comes another double play".

Sorry Dunn only strikes out 1.9 times a game.

...he doesn't strike out 300

...he doesn't strike out 300 times a season? Am I screwing up the math that badly?

Bo, ur math is right. he

Bo, ur math is right. he strikes out a lot but not that much, more like 1.3 time a game. and Ryno, DPLee is not getting traded, he has a full trade clause and loves chicago more than his own mother. also, I personally dont trust a 29 year old lefty thats spent his career in the minors as a starting OF/1B based on 76 ABs. just my opinion though.


You have got to be the biggest bandwagon fan I have come across in a long time, there Ryno. But reality is you're an idiot that knows little about this team or the game of baseball altogether. You're a "fan", and I use that word loosely in your case, that this team could surely do without, so if you stop watching and coming to games I guarantee that no one will notice. I feel a little less intelligent just from talking to a jag-off like you, and its a shame that you're even allowed to use Ryno's name to voice your ridiculous thoughts on this site. If you even for one second think that a 29 year old that has spent 7 years in the minor leagues is better than a whole host of major league all-stars (Dunn, Soriano, & Bradley) then your thought process is extremely warped. Dunn strikes out a whole lot, roughly 33% of his AB's in his career, but only with your demented math does that add up to 2 K's per game.

Zambrano only wants the guy on his team so he doesn't give up home runs to him? Yeah brilliant theory. And in your fantasy world one of the best players on the team breaks his ankle so your buddy Hoffmeister can play a position he is terrible at, this just keeps getting better. And Bradley is gonna go awol on a guy in RF too, you got any other predictions Nostradamus? I thought that I already explained to you how simple Hoff's situation is, but I will again because having you as a fellow cubs' fan means so much to me. D-Lee isn't getting traded when he HAS A FULL NO-TRADE CLAUSE, so you have an awesome idea that won't happen - congratulations you just won a shoe-horn. All the players that you ridicule are players that have produced at the Major League Level for years now, while your hero spent both of George W. Bush's 2 presidential terms in the minor leagues. If you're not a cub's fan, then why bother to act like one? You sound more like a Cardinals fan to me; where you rip on the team while they're down but yet you'll be the first one to be out there partying in the streets when they win.

In the future, if you have any interest in talking baseball with me I ask that you come to the table with at least a semi-rational thought that you can back up with REAL statistics. I'm not interested in listening to your rantings from delusional-island that have no merit. If you can't take the time to look at the big picture, then you have little credibility in your thoughts for the short-run. Talking to you is similar to talking with a woman at the ballpark that thinks a guy should play because he looks good. Come correct with what you have to say or save some valuable oxygen instead.


thanks man I love shoe horns....this will be the third one I've won this week.

I'm bandwagon??? Wow, I've heard it all now. Yea man I love the Cardinals they are the greatest team ever. Give me a break buddy, I went to school in Cardinal country and wore my Cubbie gear with pride after they shit the bed in the 2003 Playoffs. I heard all the mocking and guess what I'm still wearing my Cubbie shit.

I will give you that Soriano is good but I just don't like him. His don't give a shit attitude is brutal and he doesn't seem like a Cubbie to me. We have won the Central twice since he has been here so I can deal with him but not if but when he gets hurt I would give my boy a shot over the Donkey wiff master. Sorry I want to give a real Cubbie a shot.

As far as Milton Bradley is concerned, he is rediculous!!! Do you remember when he hurt himself arguing with the ump? How the heck does that happen? It's one of the goofiest things I've seen. So with that being said, I am not gonna sit there with my thumb up my ass thinking this guy is a new man and won't have a monumental blowup at sometime this year.

I know they would never trade Lee and I am not saying my man Hoff is better than Lee or Soriano but I am saying I would rather see him have a chance over someone like Dunn.

By the way, you do not have to repeat anything I can read and noted your points but after that I am not going to suddenly not like the guy. I've seen him in the batters box and like what I see. I could be wrong and he might turn out like most of the other guys that can make the transition to the MLB but I've got a good feeling about this guy. You can spit out how old he is and what his stats are but after watching him play, I like what I see. I would rather spend the money on a 5th starter than watch Adam Dunn strikeout 33% of the time. Soriano already does that for us.


Soriano is frustrating to say the least, but the cubs hitched their wagon to the guy for 8 years so all I can hope is that he stays healthy and produces. I'm not Soriano's biggest fan either, but at the same time I won't be wishing a broken ankle on the guy no matter how annoying that retarded hop is that he does. Bradley has been involved in some of the most ludicrous things I have ever seen on a baseball field, but I honestly hope the guy's past stays in the past and the team gets a player that hits the shit out of the ball left or right-handed for the next 3 years. Believe me, I wasn't pining for the team to sign MB, but they did so I have come to accept it. I don't like watching D-Lee ground into double plays anymore than you do; but I love his defense and the quiet leadership he brings to the field every single day. And last but not least the root of this entire discussion, Adam Dunn. I cannot argue that he strikes out a ton and looks like a grizzly bear on iceskates in the OF, but he can also do wonders for a team that could use further depth in the OF, 1B, and especially the LH-batters box - which are all things the cubs could use. To me there has got to be a difference in putting up impressive numbers in AAA as opposed to the Major Leagues, I'm sorry but you just can't compare the 2. Hoffpauir would be great IF the team could use a DH, or the team didn't have D-Lee, but neither of those things look to change anytime soon.

You may not like me throwing out ages and #'s but that's what production is based on; putting up consistent numbers over an extended period of time in the major leagues. How many guys have you seen begin their MLB careers at 31 and then take off? Hoff is simply a career minor leaguer to this point, and any team would be crazy to discard players that they've invested 10's of millions of dollars in to let an unproven player take their spot. Hoff has had two impressive years in AAA, but then again after spending 7 years in the minors I would hope that any player would at least improve to some degree. The question is whether or not you're convinced the guy can transition to playing every day at the big league level, and after his 70-something at bats at the highest level I won't be crowning him anytime soon. There's no question in my mind that Hoff can hit a baseball, but his path is blocked by a very large presence on this team.

My friend we simply have a difference of opinion. If it were up to you Hoff would be given a chance somewhere at the MLB level. If it were up to me I would leave him in AAA to start the season and go pick up Adam Dunn on a 1 yr deal, where after 2009 Dunn is gone and Hoff comes up to see if he will be the guy to replace D-Lee after 2010. In my opinion Dunn is less of a gamble as to what kind of production to expect for 09, he's a major league veteran, and he's available with little competition to outbid. Also in no way am I suggesting that by signing Dunn the team would lose Hoffpauir anyway, but I don't see how a year on the bench in the bigs will benefit Hoff more than a year of PT at AAA. We'll likely never know who is right, since each of us has less impact over personnel decisions than a guy selling Old Style in the stands. Also I am much like you in the respect of going to school in cardinal country (SIUE & McKendree), so I can appreciate someone other than myself walking around Busch Stadium in a cubs' jersey when the cards are playing the Pirates or anyone for that matter.

Big Z

Well obviously you are not Big Z now because he never went to SIUE or McKendree but after that first rant I thought maybe it was!!!

Grizzley bear on iceskates.....man what an mental picture that amazingly looks exactly like Adam Dunn. That was hilarious buddy.

Don't worry, I will love this team like I love every team for the past 25 years....even though Fonzie drives me crazy sometimes I still have his fathead on my wall....not because I love him so much but he was the only one available!!! I would of much rather had one of Zambrano after a mighty cut.

Unfortunately no I'm not Big Z

But I would probably give up just about anything it took to have just a shred of Zambrano's ability on the baseball field. Hell I'd be satisfied being the bat boy or on the grounds-crew just to be on the field watching baseball everyday. Soriano is enough to drive his own mother crazy with the way he plays and all of his different quirks, but I would honestly have to say that him coming to Chicago has helped influence the decision of a at least a few guys' desire to come to town. Also before Soriano, LF for the cubs hasn't exactly been much of hotbed for talent, so I'd have to say I would take Soriano's BS as opposed to having Moises Alou out there any day of the week. I simply am a fan of the cubs that wants to see the team improve by any means possible; whether it be through trades, drafting, or free agency. Regardless of the cost to improve, I highly doubt that any economist in the world could put a value on what winning it all would mean to the city, team, and fans of the cubs. The glass is always half-something when it comes to the cubs, I just do everything I can to keep it half-full. As for the FatHead ordeal, I would probably have to pick up GeoSoto's if they feature him in their offerings since he is the best catcher I've seen on the Cubbies & I can easily see him developing into one of the best in the game.

Nice job...

with the man love there. Now hug, crack open an Old Style and put on ESPN.


Soriano is no Dwight Smith!!! haha

I am scared to see what would happen to Wrigleyville if the Cubbies won it all. I was down there when they clinched last year and it was a nut house. I kept saying to myself what would this place be like if they won it all???

I'm guessing...

the 'apocalypse'?

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