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Pie to Baltimore

In the least surprising move of the year, Felix Pie has been traded to Baltimore for lefty pitcher Garrett Olson.  As I'm sure everyone knows, Pie was out of options and out of favor and thus had to be out of Chicago.  Coming back in return is Garrett Olson, he of the 6.87 ERA in 33 starts as well as right handed minor league pitcher Henry Williamson.

Holy crap.  Baltimore let him get 33 starts with a 6.87 ERA? Nice team Baltimore's got going over there.

Anyway, this trade makes a fair amount of sense.  The Cubs had a glut of outfielders and a derth of young lefties and Pie was the odd man out.  Olson is supposed to have a fair amount of potential, although the numbers are hardly overwhelming (83 strikeouts and 62 walks in 133 innings pitched).  Olson did, however, exhibit much better control in the minors and solid strikeout numbers (almost a strikeout an inning), posting an almost 3:1 K:BB ration over his minor league career.  Basically, this is a trade of two players with good minor league numbers who fizzled in the majors.

Williamson looks to have the kind of potential the Cubs love, having put up K/9 numbers of 10.0, 13.5, and 11.4 in his three stints over two minor league levels.  Williamson has also shown excellent control.  In fact, the only downside to his numbers is that he's old for A ball as he will be 24 this year.

I have no idea what kind of stuff Olson has, so please feel free to chime in in the comments.  In general, this seems like a good haul for Pie given the position in which the Cubs have put themselves.

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Olson was one of the players

Olson was one of the players rumored to be going from Baltimore to San Diego in the three-way Peavey deal. Could this be prep for something there?

Could be

I certainly hope so, anyway.

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