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2009 Community Projections, Hitters Edition

As we start to approach spring training, it's time to look forward and see what the 2009 squad is going to look like.

As part of a community project from Beyond the Boxscore, I'm working on doing a set of community projections for the Cubs in 2009. And I could use your help. How? Glad you asked! Use this simple web form to make projections for individual players.

Some simple instructions, to get you started:

  • Fields with an asterisk are required; fields without an asterisk are not.
  • Only project as many players as you are confident in.
  • You do not have to look at any computer-based projection systems before hand. We are deliberately seeking human input here.
  • Remember that these are median forecasts - we're projecting the most likely estimate here, where the truth is likely to hover around that.
  • These forecasts are for a player's time as a Cub only - if you anticipate a player being traded away before the season starts, just put a 0 into everything.

I have solicited other Cubs blogs to participate as well. Under the referrer's box, please remember to indicate that you are voting from the Goatriders website. At the end of the project, I hope to tabulate the results based upon what blog they came from - a chance to see what blog's readers are truly the best and brightest. (Or the luckiest. Luck could certainly be involved.) So if you find deep meaning from the choice of Cubs blog you frequent the most, go out there and win one for the Gipper. Or something.

And thank all of you in advance for your time.


Forgive me for asking a stupid question, but what are PAs?

Plate Appearances. That is,

Plate Appearances. That is, how many times a player comes to bat.

This is awesome, Colin. Nice work.


As opposed to just AB's that subtract BB, HBP, SF, etc., I presume.

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