Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Works in progress

I'm probably alone in this, but I always find the process of creation to be fascinating.  (Yes.  I am a geek.  So what?)

Since I posted the new Carlos image last night, I've been tinkering with it fairly non-stop - in fact, I'll tinker with it some more once I get home tonight.  I'm also interested in doing a propaganda poster of the other Cubs - Lee, Alfonso, A-Ram, etc. - and in most cases it'll just be a matter of finding the right angle.

Anyway, posted below is the total body of photoshop work for 2009 so far... I don't know how many I'll do this year, if only because last year was a fine example of how the creative well runs dry when choppin' on a quota system, but hopefully the ones I do do (heh, doo doo) will be high caliber and extremely creative.

Commie Carlos

This is the Year thumb

This is the Year Thumb 2

Yes they Can Thumb 1

Yes they Can Thumb 3

By the way - if you are looking for digital work to be done, I'm available for slightly below-market cost.  Just drop me a line.


Return the word curse to the logo. Of better yet CHOCK.

...you meant "choke" maybe?

...you meant "choke" maybe?


You are correct Kurt.

Bad Boys of Summer

We need a photoshop with the bad boys of summer simultaneously throwing something at an ump. Milton bradley with a bag of baseball and lou piniella with first base. that would be hilarious.

BTW, kudos to your geekness, your photoshops crack me up to no end. one of them is almost alway my avitar on my CBS page. I constantly have to tell people to check out this site for more funny photoshops of cubs players. the end of the year player reviews seemed to be a big hit whenever i would mention them elsewhere. Gas Can Howry was very popular.

The next year of the goat on

The next year of the goat on the chinese calendar is 2015, but I'm not sure how that really helps you out in any way.


That tracks with Back to the Future 2, but my numerology suggests 2014. (2004 + (1918-1908) == 2005 + (1917-1908) == 2014).

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