Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The best move that no one would expect



Sign Rickey Henderson to a 1 year deal for 2009.


How awesome would that be?  Yes he may be 50, but I'd rather have him as the 5th OF than Joey Gathright.  Just listening to the guy talk is hillarious enough, and maybe he could teach Alfonso how to lead-off while he's on the team.  It would be the 1st player to ever be elected to the Hall and then come back and play, why not in Chicago, the city where Henderson was born?  Who knows maybe the guy can still play,  I wouldn't doubt it.  At least invite him to spring training because Rickey is the Greatest.




come on - I could see you in a Rickey Henderson Cub's jersey with the #50 on the back



are you serious

because i made a huge joke about signing Rickey Henderson earlier on CBS because some guys were suggesting we should have signed ken griffey over milton bradley. outfielders from the Precambrian period are a dime a dozen these days i guess.

If I had a say

I would sign Henderson before So Taguchi every day of the week. If nothing else Henderson coming to town would cause a little stir, maybe sell some merchandise, and who knows the guy looks like he's in good shape for being 50. You know what you're gonna get from Taguchi coming in - absolutely nothing. So yes I would take nothing from a Hall of Famer long before I jumped at the chance to sign 46 year-old So Taguchi and get nothing from him. I would sign Henderson to teach Soriano how to lead-off and have Rickey give one press conference per day just because listening to him talk is priceless.

good shape for 50

Rickey may be in good shape for 50, but that's like saying Liz Taylor is "hot for 126" (or however old she is)


Moral of the story is So Taguchi sucks & Joey Gathright's biggest contribution will be jumping over cars in the parking lot. So even if Rickey Henderson uses a walker to get around, is blind in one eye, and has a plastic hip I would rather have him than both or either of the other 2 bums for 2 million dollars.

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