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Who's better?

I understand the bias of the crowd I'm preaching to. However...


I invite any member of the GROTA Army to offer up an NL team that they think is better than ours (i.e., the Cubs). I strongly encourage position-by-position comparisons. Is there a better lineup? A better rotation?

Overall if the Dodgers get

Overall if the Dodgers get Manny, I believe that they have the better offense and defense.

LF: I would take Manny over Soriano

CF: Kemp over any one of the Cubs CF's

RF: Ethier over Bradley, but close

3B: Aramis over Casey Blake

SS: Furcal over Theriot

2B :Dewitt and Fontenot about the same

1B: Same here with Loney and Lee, but a slight edge to Loney

C: Hard to choose, but I'll take Geo over Russel Martin, Close.

Rotation: the Dodgers' took a hit with the loss of Lowe and Penny, but stll have Billingsly and Kuroda. Hard to beat the Cubs rotation though, with or without Peavy. Nobody in the NL has a better rotation than the Cubs.

Bullpen: Another close one, but I'll take the Cub's just because all I know out of their pen is Broxton.

Overall: Rotation way in favor of Cubs. As is 3B, but as of right now the Dodgers seem to be younger and better, assuming of course they get Ramirez.

Dodgers with Manny are

Dodgers with Manny are indeed scary. Let's hope the Giants snag him, and the west has two good teams, instead of one great one.


Cubs are the best in the NL

Sorry Smiling

Yea I know

I just threw a bunch of bs together about a team that I thought was remotely close.

I'm too sleepyt to get all the info..

But I still think the Phillies could be the scariest.

First, let's worry about winning our division and getting to October.

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