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Open Thread: MB's Contract

Is anyone else out there incredibly pleased with the terms of Milton Bradley's contract? Only $7MM for 2009?! Potential buyout for 2011?! I mean, we got our guy, for an incredibly reasonable price, with team protection in the third year! This is good news! Really, really good news!!!

the price of fragility

That really says something about the down market and Bradley's fragility. The 4th highest OPS in baseball last year gets $7M in '09.

Buyout is huge

Yeah I'm pleased with the buyout option. If things get bad (injury or anger) this is a good option to have. A lot better than maybe having to Marquis the guy. Good work Hendry. Oh wait, you Marquis'd yourself. Well maybe you're learning.

when wittenmeyer

when wittenmeyer said the back of the contract was protected from injury i was so pumped.

bradley is the guy i wanted the cubs to get and this was the deal i wanted them to give him


The Bradley contract is fantastic, and the Marquis move looks really ingenius. What was Marquis' contract, $21M/3 years, backloaded? After eating about $900k of that final year, the Cubs basically paid Marquis $6.5M/year for 2 years. Not Bad At All.

And, effectively, signed a

And, effectively, signed a ROOGY for $4MM for one year. So that's kinda bad. For example, I'd rather have Kerry Wood for one year and $10 or $12MM than Gregg and Vizcaino for $9MM.

Si Si Senor

That's where not offering Woody arbitration bites the team in the ass. Having one pitcher of his caliber in the bullpen is far better than Kevin Gregg + Luis Vizcaino + Aaron Miles + Joey Gathright without question, even if you have to pay him what all 4 of those scrubs are getting. Had they offered him arbitration the worst that could have happened was he accepts and is back for 2009, or he rejects and the team would have gotten draft picks from a team located in Cleveland, in such a case as this.

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