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Peavy Trade-0-Meter Updated

As per my discussion on the Jon Miller Show, the Peavy Trade-0-Meter as of today:

Peavy Meter

I agree...

Not sure who recently pointed it out, but seeing a run for Peavy midseason might be the way to go ala Harden last year. If we need a rotation boost due to injury or a slumping team, this would be key.

What happens to

What happens to Cedeno/Pie/Hoff if they're not in Houston on April 6?

Hoffpauir can go to AAA

Hoffpauir can go to AAA without issue, Cedeno & Pie likely will have a different home as neither would be very likely to clear waivers

That's what I thought.

That's what I thought. Gathright has options remaining, yes? Maybe he and Hoff will start in AAA if no deal is done. But that seems silly.

I'm pretty sure Gathright

I'm pretty sure Gathright could be sent to AAA but I'm not sure as to what type of deal he signed with the team. I don't think that his options from previous teams are still considered, but I could be wrong about that. It would be my guess that they could outright Gathright to AAA, where he doesn't have to clear waivers as Pie & Cedeno would, as long as he is willing to accept the assignment rather than seek his release.

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