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So, who's in this year?

We've finally had some winter action. Like it or not - we did make some moves. I'd like to add a Cubs sidebar which I'm sure Kurt, Rob and the gang will probably delve into as we get closer to Monday.

Monday we have a few favorite Cubs - Lee Smith, Mark Grace & Andre Dawson - being mentioned for enshrinement into Cooperstown. The last few years the HOF has been a place of 'controversy' or just a down right elitist mentality. Let's not even start with the Santo debacle.

This year there's a rumbling that Lee Smith has a legitimate shot at getting in. Since the 'closer' role has some HOF presedence with Sutter, Eckersley & Gossage, there is more acceptance of this position as being a viable choice and solidifying it's importance to the game we love.

This being said, is it the big fella's turn? We still have the Hawk waiting in the wings. Will he get any closer? Or in? We've recently covered the possiblity of Gracie getting in. Sorry Mark, that poll didn't turn out so well for you.

Does any of this even matter? Has the HOF lost it's ideals and foundation to what it once represented?

Here's the list of the candidates:

Harold Baines
Jay Bell
Bert Blyleven
David Cone
Andre Dawson
Ron Gant
Mark Grace
Rickey Henderson
Tommy John
Don Mattingly
Mark McGwire
Jack Morris
Dale Murphy
Jesse Orosco
Dave Parker
Dan Plesac
Tim Raines
Jim Rice
Lee Smith
Alan Trammell
Greg Vaughn
Mo Vaughn
Matt Williams

Whattya think?

Rickey Henderson is all but

Rickey Henderson is all but a lock. After that any one of Lee Smith, Don Mattingly, Jim Rice, and Harold Baines would all have an outside chance. I love Mark Grace, and I watch D'Back's games to listen to him call the game, but I don't see him getting the call. It would be awesome to see Grace in the cubs booth as an announcer one day. The Hawk has a better chance, but I still wouldn't give him much of chance, just with who he is up against to get votes.

comments on just a few

No doubt Dawson belongs in the Hall. Hell of a ballplayer (and I don't just mean stats - he was a competitor, and without being a jag-bag).

438 HR, 314 SB, and some pretty darn good OF play as well.

Don Mattingly - was my favorite non-Cub as a kid. His career was just too short to stockpile the stats.

Jesse Orosco - wtf?

Tommy John - This is a no-brainer, I believe. If any medical procedure belongs in the HOF, this is the one! He probably belongs in the hall on stats alone, but honestly, partially because of the Tommy John surgery as well. It really has had quite an impact on the game.

My take

Obviously Rickey is in. but I also have Raines as a lock (not to make it, but a lock as a should-be). Easily one of the best leadoff hitters of all time and better than Brock. Sadly, he does quite poorly on the Bill James HOF tool and I expect him to do poorly in the voting.

Matt Williams had an interesting combo od power and defense, but falls short. Trammell should be in, but that ship has sailed. Lee doesn't impress me. Nobosy even talks about David cone? Granted, he falls short, but he's very comparable to Hershiser who gets consideration.

My ballot:


And yes, I hate voting for McGwire, but he didn't get his records expunged and his numbers are there.

here's my ballot

• Rickey Henderson
• Don Mattingly
• Lee Smith
• Bert Blyleven
• Andre Dawson
• Mark McGwire

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