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The Real Milton Bradley

There's been a lot of press out there regarding Milton Bradley.  In general, most people aren't thrilled with the signing, especially in the mainstream media but also on one of the more popular blogs.  AGHHHHH!!!  HE'S ANGRY!!!!!!  AGGHHHHH!!!

But over at Another Cubs Blog, they posted a very interesting article in the New York Times written by Bradley himself.  I'll admit, this article shocked me to the very core: a baseball player can write in complete sentences (and, I might add, quite a bit more eloquently than The Pulse)?  From the article:

As a 16-year-old sophomore at Long Beach Polytechnic High School in California, I could only dream there would be days like that one. I knew I wanted to be a major leaguer. Following in the footsteps of the great Tony Gwynn (Poly’s most esteemed baseball alumnus) I feel like I’ve finally arrived. Taking the field in the Big Apple for the final year of historic Yankee Stadium, where so many greats have stood before me, I am humbled. This is why Jackie Robinson endured unspeakable hate and prejudice. So I — some 60 odd years later — have the opportunity to play this great game of baseball. So I can stand up and be recognized. So I can be proud to be who I am. So I can be proud to be an American.

So, why is Bradley such a terrible person?  Because he freaked out when an umpire made a racial comment towards him?  Or because he went to confront an announcer who spent three days running down his character?  An announcer, I might add, who complained that he didn't have the character of a former crack and heroin addict?  Yeah, sounds outrageous.  Would I have reacted like he did?  No.  But I'm crazy laid back.  I don't have much of a temper.  But if Bradley's flaw is a temper he fails to control, then I can live with that.

...as long as he continues to beat the hell out of the baseball.  Welcome to the Cubs, Bradley.  And try to ignore the idiots out there.


Well said.

Just another example

of how little real investigative reporting these douchebags in the mainstream media actually do. Pathethic.

Bradley had a 3.65 GPA in high school

But he still is batshit crazy. You can be both. I am living proof.

Zambrano & Bradley

They're both batshit. One can also claim they are über competitive.

Still have to remember, Bradley has played on some pretty crappy teams. This year he'll be surrounded by a winning attitude with 'lead by example' leadership from guys like Lee and Ramirez around. I didn't check, but wasn't Gerald Perry his hitting coach at one time?

Let's hope he stays healthy and the right field bleacher morons give him the Hawk treatment out there.

Hmmm...I'm invisioning some sort of photoshop with Moose and Milton donning capes in the near future. Or maybe the Green Hornet with Kosuke 'Kato' Fukudome.


I'm much more concerned that he will be a semi permanent denizen of the DL. Frankly, the Cubs could use someone a little mean. Right now, the closest thing we have to a nasty streak on the team is Ramirez's penchant for cock fighting.

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