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Marquis trade official

Our long nightmare is finally over.  ESPN is confirming that Jason Marquis has officially been dealt to the Rockies for Luis Vizcaino.  This frees up a spot in the rotation for Jake Peavy, or Sean Marshall, or Chad Gaudin, or Jeff Samardzija - all of whom are probably better options.

And there was much rejoicing.

So I wonder how long it will

So I wonder how long it will take for Peavy talks to at least "start up" again.

Much rejoicing


Except I like him as a starter better than Samardjia, Marshall, or Gaudin.

If we don't get Peavy, then I dare say our 2009 rotation will be WORSE, not better, than our 2008.

Z will be Z, Demp will be a

Z will be Z, Demp will be a little worse, and Lilly will be a little better, relative to the first half of last year. I think Marshall should perhaps be expected to be just as good as Marquis, but since he is young and hasn't had a chance to start regularly for an extended period of time, I think there's more upside with him. He could be really solid.

The big question for the rotation is Rich Harden. Every time Harden can show up, he'll have replaced a start that was previously taken by either Rich Hill, or Sean Gallagher. Every time he does that, this rotation will be a further improvement on 2008. But if Harden has arm trouble, then the current depth of this rotation will be a challenge.

If Marshall is in the rotation to start 2009, I think Samardzija needs to start at AAA to begin the season, or else we're going to have to call on Mitch Atkins come June.

This should be a holiday

I feel like I should pass out cigars to everyone I see on the streets. Thank god someone took Marquis, and they are paying for him to play this year not us - mission accomplished. Marshall, Guzman, Gaudin, Hart, Len Kasper, or anyone with a pulse on the roster is better than Marquis. Marquis fails to do his main job as a pitcher, which is to keep your team in the game and give them a chance to win when you pitch. Marquis is a whiny puss, and a pitcher that you know will get hit hard every start; his best attribute is he is consistent - consistently healthy and horrible. Let the Rockies take him, and even if the cubs dump Viczaino's salary somewhere else; I would still be satisfied just to not have to look at Marquis' ugly face and pathetic attempts to pitch every 5th day. Thanks Santa

re: harrycaray comment

I think you are being a little harsh there buddy. He was the 5th starter and nothing more. Nobody expected him to be any more than that. In fact he was pretty good for a 5th starter. He was not horrible, and calling him names is not really necessary is it? I mean did he not sign an autograph for you or something? Why the hatred for him personally? You angry because he was being paid so much? Wasn't his fault Hendry threw a lot of money at him when he never had shown enough to be worth all of that. Would you have turned it down. If you are happy that he is gone, that is fine. But no need to attack the man.


Awww I think I just found the only cub fan in the world that is gonna miss Jason Marquis, that's cute. Don't be sad sailor, you can still watch all his games when he pitches for Colorado. And if you miss any, he should be at the very beginning of lots of home run highlights on ESPN, where if you look close you may even be able to see him asking for a new baseball in the background as the guy rounds the bases. Man, now you got me all emotional and I'm gonna miss him too. I don't like Marquis because he is terrible, I know that I try to find players that have been left off of at least 3 Playoff rosters when I'm looking to go deep into October. Its nothing personal, as I wouldn't let Marquis autograph the tires on my car, and I didn't attack your knight in shining armor so relax.


hey kurt -food for thought here, glad to see marquis fimally gone to and saved that payroll $. i think the #5 guy will be g olson from balt o - i think this will be our last trade for before spring training. some sort of blockbuster here where we will finally dump cedeno and pie as part of it and bring over olson maybe sherrill and (hopefully not) the undisclosed " missing top of the order bat" roberts. i really dont want roberts out of it but think olson and sherrill would be a great pickup and we could use cedeno and pie and throw in 2 of 3 from the prospects we got from clev in that derosa deal and maybe vizcaino for entertainment purposes. would be huge and helps all - put shark in trip a for starter prep or bullpen still and marshall still left as mid relief (maybe we could sneak hill off in that one too) but realistically i could see it but can hendry and mcphail?? somethins up for one more deal and i think peavy is out of reach right now so how bout somethin a lil simpler and helps both teams this would be it.


Not once did I say I was going to miss the guy. I'll be especially happy if they are able to improve the team with the money they are saving. All I said was he didn't do anything to deserve any personal hatred. He was a fifth starter, nothing more. And you know what? He was a pretty decent fifth starter. Marquis wasn't the reason the Cubs haven't won in 100+ years. Did the Cubs get swept two straight years in the first round because Jason Marquis was on the team? I didn't think so. Would I rather have Peavy or even Lowe? Hell yeah. Be glad he is gone, but wow what is with the hatred. I guess your style is to attack people personally. If that is what you need to do, go ahead. I'm sure it is really impressive to somebody out there.


He was on the Cubs and Cards when they were on top of the division. A 5th starter on very good teams. A solid inning eater ala Trachsel. He did a decent job for the role he played. If he was on one of the bottom echelon teams in baseball like Kansas City or Pittsburgh, he would be a #2 or 3 starter. What's he going to be on the Rockies? 4th in the rotation? 3rd?

Just because the Cubs paid him at least double his worth on the market doesn't make him a dick,

So you're still whining because?

It wasn't really even a personal attack on the guy, all I did was point out a few points of truth. Also I highly doubt Daddy Roebucks Marquis will read my posts on this site about him, so unless you intend to deliver them to your hero again this wasn't much of a personal attack. But with all due respect, and I mean that, Jason Marquis sucks now, he sucked the entire time he was been with the cubs, and I'm as happy as two rats banging in a wool sock that he's gone. Marquis was far from a decent 5th starter or pitcher for that matter, and I know he wasn't the reason the team lost but he surely isn't going to help the team win anything any time soon either. Marquis was like a large cancerous growth, that continued to grow and suck more and more as time went on. Tell me, from the first day Marquis was signed to present day, was he ever for 1 day worth the contract he signed? Good answer; no he was not.

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