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Another Olibagatory Post of Lineups, now with 50% more psychology!

So, Colin weighed in below with his thought on what the lineup *should* be, so I thought I would go ahead and suggest what I believe the lineup *will* be.  The lineup constructed below is based on a combination of indepth analysis, pop psychology, and Ovaltine.  So, without further delay:

  1. Alfonso Soriano
  2. Mike Fontenot
  3. Aramis Ramirez
  4. Milton Bradley
  5. Derrek Lee
  6. Geovany Soto
  7. Kosoke Fukudome
  8. Ryan Theriot

Not bad, eh?  Okay, so, my reasoning is as follows:

  • Piniella doesn't really give a damn who leads off.  He knows it doesn't matter, I know it doesn't matter and, deep down, you know it doesn't matter.  So, in the interest of nonscrewingwithsomethingthatworked, Soriano stays in the leadoff position.
  • I've looked deep into Piniella's eyes, past the optical nerve, and into his soul and I see that Pineila knows that Fontenot is the right choice for second.  I also saw that he wants the lefty high in the order as Piniella recognizes Fontenot's combination of patience and pop (and he really, really wants to mix up the lefties and righties).  I also saw a surprising number of puppies and kittens frolicking in a meadow.  I didn't expect that.
  • Here's where it gets tricky.  I think Piniella throws Aramis into the three hole and says "look, Lee's a great hitter but you've got to mix up the righties and lefties", which brings us to...
  • Bradley and Lee.  Seriously, these three could get flipped and flopped in almost any configuration and I woudn't be surprised.
  • Geo Soto, the easiest call in the lineup
  • Fukudome sent plenty of time in the seven hole and will likely continue to toil there.  I don't believe Piniella cares much for Fukudome's approach, but what can you do?
  • When Theriot wasn't in the two hole, he was in the 8th position.  Unless he bats Bradley third and move Theriot to second, this is where we find li'l Ryan.  And since I've already used my soul vision to determine where Fontenot hits, that just leaves Theriot here.

So there you have it.  Basesd on the projections Colin linked below and this tool, I've got the lineup at 5.2 runs.  Perhaps Colin could run it through his more sophisticated tool and we can see just what a difference the lineup will make.  My guess: almost none.

Congrates to Jim Hendry for, one again, getting the best player available.  It's nice to be a part of the new Chicago Cubs.

I see it a tad different...

Though I could see this configuration:


Remember - Piniella went with Fukudome in the #5 spot when he thought Fukudome was the lefty power bat, breaking up the string of four power RH bats. This year, he'd just break up the 3 RH power bats.

I could see your lineup too, though.


I think it should look something like this

Theriot or

I think at this stage in Lee's career he is more of a two hitter or a 5 as others have suggested. His high ops and speed make me put him in the 2 hole. You have to get Soriano out of the leadoff spot and get more production out of this power.

In the wishful thinking dept, if we didake the Roberts trade it could look like this.


That was for fun but wow what a lineup that would be.

Once you round up to the nearest tenth...

...there is no difference between the lineup I posted and this lineup.

Someone mentioned somewhere

Wait, apparently it was in the comment right above mine.

I am an idiot. MORE COFFEE!

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