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WHO'S NEXT????????

ha ha had to throw in the bill goldberg one for all of ya! time to play with the snakes- now we have m brad to add to our arsenal now we can speculate who's next. i keep readin the possiblity of rehashing the peavy ordeal but i dont think it is absolutely needed- per se but dont get me wrong i would love to see us have another arm good for 15+ wins per yr in the rotation but cannot see us dumping to pads just to get him and the 64 mil still owed to him. plus my key here is we have good arms ready to pitch when do we pull the trigger and let em? we might have a 15+ game winner here already and didn cost us a dam thing but a slot in the rotation and patience to let it happen. i do however agree we are not done yet- still to many extra players that need a new home( pie,cedeno, etc etc), maybe another bat for bench and maybe a new lh rel for the pen, but at the same time i think it will be something big maybe another salary dump and a better bat somewhere or as stated WHO's NEXT?????

I think we're done with big...

I think it's trimming around the margins now. Perhaps some combination of Pie, Cedeno, or Wuertz (or somebody from the minors) brings the LH reliever. I could see the team dumping Vizcaino for more payroll savings. I could see acquire a backup corner IF. But that's about it I think.


i think theres one big one left i think it involves the balt o i think we need to send out cedeno and pie a couple of the prospects we picked up for derosa( 2 of the 3 at max) and maybe vizcaino and hill for olson for our #5 guy and sherrill to help the back end of our pen too- heck if mcphail is generous maybe even roberts ( not wanted here tho)

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