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Two more steps, then completion

And like that, the Cubs are done upgrading in the field - although it remains debatable as to whether or not the team actually upgraded (and I'll have a post on that tomorrow, probably).

As HC pointed out in the Reader's Blogs, the Cubs now have an overflowing roster, but in theory they still have a couple of moves to make.  First and foremost, Jim Hendry will probably make one more attempt to acquire Jake Peavy.  He also just might go after another lefty reliever assuming he doesn't want to burden Cub fans with the presence of Neal Cotts next year.

I have to disagree with Rob, though.  Lou Piniella has demonstrated the tenacity to start the best player.  He does not play favorites, especially not with newcomers, and Aaron Miles and his versatility makes way more sense on the bench.

As it stands, I like the team's chances in '09 and I'll love them if they acquire Peavy.

God Bless America

You add Peavy to the rotation and yikes. A lefty arm is also much needed for the bullpen. What do see taking to get the Peavy deal done now? I think trading DeRo kind of greased the wheels for a Peavy deal, but Towers came out soon after the deal and said that none of the players were acquired to aid in completing the deal for Peavy. I honestly think the window is closing concerning the time the team has to put a deal together for Peavy, and a large part of that is outside interest from Moorad to purchase the Padres with his group of investors.

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