Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Its tough to fit the players the team currently has on a 25 man roster

With Milton Bradley signed lets look at the 25 man roster heading into 2009:


1)Alfonso Soriano

2)Milton Bradley

3)Kosuke Fukudome

4)Reed Johnson

5)Joey Gathright

6)Felix Pie



7)Aramis Ramirez

8)Ryan Theriot

9)Mike Fontenot

10)Derrek Lee

11)Aaron Miles

12)Ronny Cedeno

13)Micah Hoffpauir



14)Geovany Soto

15)Paul Bako



16)Carlos Zambrano

17)Rich Harden

18)Ted Lilly

19)Ryan Dempster

20)Sean Marshall

21)Carlos Marmol

22)Kevin Gregg

23)Neal Cotts

24)Angel Guzman

25)Jeff Smardjz

26)Rich Hill

27)Michael Wuertz

28)Chad Gaudin

29)Kevin Hart

30)Randy Wells


Simply from a numbers standpoint 5 guys won't make the final cut.  Some of the guys could remain in AAA for the season, while others are out of options and likely wouldn't clear waivers.  Two spots on the roster could be cleared if the team could find a place to trade Felix Pie and Ronny Cedeno for a decent return, as each are buried up to their necks on the depth chart anyway.  Its also an unreal expectation to be able to carry 6 OF, 7IF, & 2 C, so something has to give with a couple of the position players.  All signs point to trades coming soon.

I don't have a crystal ball

But I know that out of the 30 players you showed, 15 were pitchers which means 3 or 4 cuts come from that group. I would guess that they would be Wells, Guzman, and Hart(barring a trade with Hill or Marshall) That leaves 2 more. They didn't sign Gathright to send him down, so that probably leaves out Pie unless they trade Johnson or Fukudome. Then the last man out will be either Cedeno or Hoffpauir. although I think they'd have to trade Cedeno because he's out of options. I don't think we have to wonder about this yet because they are definitely not done dealing which means some of these questions will answer themselves.

Luis Vizcaino and Jeff

Luis Vizcaino and Jeff Stevens will soon be on there as well. Drop Pie and Cedeno for your 13 position players, and your 12 man pitching staff is:
Z, Demp, Harden, Lilly, Marshall, Marmol, Gregg, Stevens/Samardzija, Wuertz, Cotts, Gaudin, Vizcaino

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