Goatriders of the Apocalypse

The Marquis du Suck is NOT failing his physical

It appears that your 2009 Cubs lineup is, as follows:

CF  Johnson/Fooky

SS  The Riot

3B  Clutchy McClutcherson

RF  Life!  by Milton Bradley

LF  Sori (I dropped that fly ball, I'll do better next time)

1B DPLee

C  Rookie-of-the-year

2B Icanseefor Miles

P  Pitcher du-jour

Let's go get 'em!!!

Not Soriano Fontenot Ramirez



OK, AJ...I will go out of my

OK, AJ...I will go out of my way and bet you a cold hard 25 cents that Fontenot will not be the starting 2b when the Cubs break camp...

I see your 25 cents and raise

I see your 25 cents and raise you a 30-rack of PBR, whatever the going rate is. You can write me a check, I'll buy it here so you don't have to pay for shipping, and then I'll take pictures to prove that I got drunk on your ignorance! Muahahahaha!

Fonty's 2-for-8 lifetime against Roy Oswalt, a righty... Miles is 3-for-17.

End of season ABs for our two resident second basemen

Miles = 400
Fonty = 250

Note: the opinions expressed here are not what the author WANTS, but what the author knows damn well what will happen.

No way in hell Aaron Miles starts anywhere

Aside from Mighty Mike getting hurt there is no possible way that Aaron Miles will be starting 2B. He couldn't even hold the job down on the Cardinals last season with a team that struggled to find an everyday second baseman until Felipe Lopez came to town. I would bet a keg of PBR that opening day and throughout the season Aaron Miles will have a snazzy jacket on as he sits on the comfortable pine and chews seeds. I highly doubt the cubs traded DeRosa with the idea of starting Aaron Miles at 2B, and if that was their intention then God help us in 2009.

I think Dusty Baker has

I think Dusty Baker has gotten to you.

The guy who gave Ryan Theriot a chance at starting shortstop over Cesar Izturis will do the same for Mike Fontenot over Aaron Miles. There's precedent, for God's sakes!

at least...

...I didn't go and put Miles and his .330 lifetime OBP batting leadoff like a lot of people want to.

That would be tough

It would have to be a first in MLB if a player on the bench got to bat lead-off for a team. Because there is no way in hell Aaron Miles beats out Fontenot to play 2nd.

You know Lou guys, old

You know Lou guys, old dog

Do I agree with this, no, but Lou is to stubborn to shuffle a lineup that won 97 games last year.

But with all this new balance

But with all this new balance he has available, do you think he'll start R-R-R at the top? Theriot and Fontenot should be swapped.

No way does Lou bat Ramirez

No way does Lou bat Ramirez 5th. That would be retarded.


i would have to think we will see a lefty in the 2 hole, whether it is miles or fontenot (hopefully fonty) and bradley hitting clean up. aramis should bat 3 and DLee 5.

i agree with you guys but i'm

i agree with you guys but i'm telling you Lou will do it this way.
Of course we can have better balance but he will tell you he likes Sori leading off and he thinks dlee is the perfect 3 hitter. He likes theriot in the 2 hole because he hits to the right side alot. Do you guys ever listen to his interviews. He'll make the one change to insert bradley between Lee and Ramirez and hell try to convince you that will give him enough balance.

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