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What To Do When You Are Out of Options?

The cubs roster is starting to take shape.  The Team has made several moves (some good, some not-so-good, some debatable) and has a big one left to make (Milton Bradley).  My question is, what are we going to do with all of the guys we have that are out of minor league options?

Felix Pie has been a hot topic for years now.  However, if the cubs do in fact add Milton Bradley, it will give us 974 outfielders.  Bradley, Kosuke Fukudome, Alfonso Soriano, Reed Johnson, Joey Gathright, Micah Hoffpauir, etc...  Where exactly does Felix Pie fit?  If you answered nowhere you are the 64 thousand dollar winner.  So, what do the cubs do with him?  Well, they have to trade him right, but to where and for who?  Are we going to have to trade him to the Orioles for Garrett Olsen straight up because we have no other options?

What about Rich Hill?  He is the next Erik Bedard, or at least that is what we all thought in the spring of 08.  He is also out of options.  Can we even move this guy, much less afford to keep him on our major league roster.  I dont think he gotten bad enough to clear waivers so that we can assign him back to the minor leagues.

Ronny Cedeno?  What to do with poor Ronny?  He could make the team, actually he has a way better shot than the other two listed above. These are a couple of questions the team has to be thinking of addressing in the next couple of weeks.

Moving some of these guys to

Moving some of these guys to San Diego seems to make way too much sense for it to not happen. The Padres have been salivating over Yunel Escobar, but Ronny's a young developing SS as well. Felix has the speed to cover a lot of ground in Petco. And Rich Hill clearly has major league potential (led the '07 Cubs in Ks). For a team like the Padres that's looking to save some payroll this year, the Cubs have a lot of cheap options for them to take advantage of.

Mixed with some young and unrefined pitching with upside (like the kind we got from Cleveland), and probably Josh Vitters (you've got to give SOMETHING up to get something), this seems like a package that has to interest the Padres.

Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first guy to complain when a trade idea is short-sighted and doesn't consider the other team. But considering where each team is at right now, doesn't this deal make too much sense?

what to do with

San Diego seems to think the Cubs will deal out of desperation but the situation is not as such.I'd see if Hill can throw strikes which is his main problem. The stick is that the farm is not prospect heavy and if it is depleted further, it will take even longer to come up to speed. I think Cedeno is what he is and will get no better as evidenced by the lessening of teams asking for him as part of potential deals. peavy would be nice to have but not at the extent of sabotaging the future.

I'm not sure the Cubs appear

I'm not sure the Cubs appear very desperate at all. I think you're thinking of the Padres, who are almost required to move Peavy's salary to keep payroll down.

While the farm may not be well stocked, these guys without options can't be sent back down to stock it, either. So it makes sense to try to move them. Sure, Cedeno could be a 4th infielder, and Pie could be a 5th outfielder, but perhaps there are other teams that could find better use for them.

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