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Done deal

ESPN reports that DeRosa is gone to the Tribe for Jeff Stevens, Chris Archer and John Gaub.  The Cub Fan Nation is burning, as DeRo was a very popular player.  Me, I'll just direct you back to November when I speculated that he was the odd man out because of the hand he signs his name with.

Anyway, while Aaron Miles would be a crappy replacement second baseman, I'll just remind you that apparently the Cubs are just getting started, DeRo would've been 34 next year, his value would never have been higher, and the team might be in it still for a Jake Peavy.

Solid Prospects

From a quick glance, Stevens and Gaub look like great prospects.

At AAA last season, Stevens struck out 44 in 29 and 2/3 innings of work while walking 16. That's 13.65 K's/9 with a FIP of 3.27.

In A ball, Gaub struck out 100 batters in 64 innings of work while holding batters to a .192 average. That's 14.06 K's/9 and a FIP of 2.23!

These prospects appear to be very solid, and I would hope, can be packaged for a potential deal for Peavy.

It's easy to see that Hendry

It's easy to see that Hendry is getting his ducks in a row to sign Bradley and more importantly sign Peavy. They didn't have to clear salary to sign Bradley but they did if they wanted Peavy. It's going to be a nice New Year.

Tribe Trades

The trade bodes well for the Cubs. It seems the Tribe has a penchant for trading its players before they reach their prime. Young players that the Tribe have traded away in recent years: Brandon Phillips, Kevin Kousamoff (sp?), Sean Casey, Richie Sexson. Maybe they Cubs could pick up Grady Sizemore for draft picks.

Draft picks

yeah sizemore would be great, however MLB rules don't allow draft picks to be traded, sorry

I am guessing

This is just a guess because I'm not sure what the other guy was thinking, but I think he is saying to trade draft picks that we have already made in previous years. Such as the players we've recently selected in the 07 and 08 draft, like Josh Vitters or Andrew Cashner. Which if that is what he meant, then I would be all for that, while the Cleveland Indians likely would not be. Sizemore is a franchise player, at a young age (26), making minimal dollars ($4.6M in 2009), and is likely only to improve upon his game. Unfortunately Sizemore will likely be in Cleveland until after the 2012 season, which is an option and the final year of his deal with the Indians.

all those quotes... gone

Oh God... first Scott Eyre, now this.

Paul Sullivan must be quaking in his boots wondering who he's gonna get all his quotes from in '09. Plus this means Len Kasper will have to longlingly remember the days of DeRosa now instead of his former flame, Jeromy Burnitz.

It seems unlikely to me that Miles would step in as the starter at 2nd. I think that this positions Fontenot who has demonstrated above average offensive skills for his position, not to mention rolling up a 16.5 UZR/150 in 82 games, as the opening day second baseman. Ironic that a former Oriole 2B will be the starting Cub second baseman without costing the Cubs any prospects.

Anyway, the Cubs have now lost Wood and DeRosa. That's a total of about 6.5 wins the Cubs have given up at a savings of roughly $15M. I guess when you consider Marquis leaving that's a win gotten back at a savings of about $9M. So, 5.5 wins lost with $24M saved. Last year Milton Bradley was worth 3.7 wins and Aaron MIles, 1.9. So for, let's say, $12M, there's those 5 and a half wins back at half the price.

This is not exhaustive analysis, so someone might throttle my #s, but I think this nets the Cubs to be just as good as last year without expanding the payroll in questionable economic conditions. I guess if I'm overestimating the Cubs' thriftiness, this lends itself to the Cubs clearing space for Peavy in which case... good times.

Gregg, and maybe Vizcaino,

Gregg, and maybe Vizcaino, should add wins too.

huge bummer. makes me cry a

huge bummer.

makes me cry a little on the inside.

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