Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Just an incredible factoid that I want to share with the class

This I just read from Buster Olney on tWWL:

Taking the Yankee$ out of the equation; only one free agent has signed a contract larger than $40 MM so far this off season.

Of course, we are talking about the Dumpster ($52MM for 4).

Not the Sawx, nor Mutts, nor Asstrolls.  K-Rod went for $36MM for 3, remember?

So when we sit here today, this last day of the 100th Year of Futility, and wonder why the hell we haven't gotten a right fielder yet, just keep in mind that, so far, it has been a really, really, REALLY strange off-season.  The fish just ain't bitin'.

Before I go:

Still wondering what in God's name Luis Vizcaino did that was so damn bad that the Rockies would consider trading him straight up for the turd sammich that is Marquis' contract?  Yes, he cannot get out lefties, whatsoever.  But he has a .170 BAA with righties. 

So he's a ROOGY.  Although we already have a few of those.  At least he isn't a turd sammich.

i think

it was the fact that luis vizcaino is a whiny bitch that got him out of colorado. very similar to marquis' "i am not paid to be a reliever" vizcaino was brought in to set up, then he got beat out. he whined about it all year. "my role isn't Set," "i dont get enough innings;"n what a baby.

oh well maybe a change of scenery helps both of these guys. vizcaino has good stuff. the fact that we got anything at all for marquis is nice.

Who cares

Vizcaino could be a container full of Mexican jumping beans for all I care, as long as the Rockies are picking up the full tab on Marquis then I have to say job well done Jim Hendry. If Vizcaino whines and you have players to replace him, then you can release him because he has already served his purpose, which was freeing up enough money so the team could sign Milton Bradley.

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