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If Only If Only...

Now before i start i think i should tell anyone who reads this that I have no illusions that this will ever happen, it wont.  However, this would solve all of The Cubs and isnt an outragous thought if not for the politics of the game.  Trading for Rick Ankiel of the (scary music playing) Cardinals would solve nearly every problem the Cubs have.  Now before u scream of evil and come at me with torches and pitchforks, hear me out.

What are the Cubs biggest need(s) this winter?  In my opinion A left handed power bat for the outfield and bullpen help are the most important needs this offseason.  What is Ankiel?  He is a lefthanded power bat for CENTER fild, not right field.  just having him in CF means that we can move Fukudome back to RF where he is much better defensively.  As far as i can remember (or care to do the research) the only thing keeping us from signing Dunn or Abreu or Ibanez while he was available is the defense which, by having Fukudome back in right, negates that issue.  So we would have an outfield of Soriano/Ankiel/Fukudome which, while not outstanding defensively, is solid even with Soriano's balarina hops.

But how would that help the the bullpen?  Directly it wouldn't.  The Cardinals are looking for pitching, both starting and relief.  I would advocate the trade of Marshal and someone on the line of Wuertz perhaps a little more.  Maybe, knowing the Cards, they would take a repair job such as Hill but i wouldn't bet on it.  So this is actually hurting the bullpen by loosing both a reliable reliever and our most reliable lefty and swingman.  But what this does is free up a lot of cash, not buy trading salery, but by freeing up money that was going to go to a free agent RF.  That money could now go to improving the bullpen.  I advocate signng another lefty such as Joe Beimel and another solid righty such as Juan Cruz.  so lets take a look at what that gives us...


Lineup assuming that Soriano stays in the leadoff:

R  LF  Soriano

R  SS  Theriot

L  CF   Ankiel

R  3B  Ramirez

R   C   Soto

R   1B  Lee

R   2B  DeRosa

L   RF  Fukudome


R  LF  Soriano

L  RF  Fukudome

R  3B  Ramiraz

L  CF   Ankiel

R   C   Soto

R  1B  Lee

R  2B  DeRosa

R  SS  Theriot

If need be, I would trade DeRosa to acquire Ankiel and insert Fontenot into his spot.


And, in my mind, the Bullpen would consist of...







Cotts (ugh...)

while not completely lights out its by no means a liability.  And it still leaves Gaudin and Samardzja as swingmen if/when a starter (yes, thats you Hardin) gets hurt.


However, as I said before, this will never happen.  With the Cubs and Cardinals being rivals and in the same division with both teams able to compete this trade has absolutely no chance of happening.  And if it does i will completely forgive Hendry loosing Wood. (I lied) But this would solve all the problems the Cubs' issus except for a true leadoff man.  The same could be said for a Josh Hamillton trade.  hmmm....

Rick Ankiel is making

Rick Ankiel is making $900,000 for 2009. I read that right, didn't I?

Even if Ankiel didn't play for the Cardinals, I have no idea what we could possibly give up to acquire that good a left-handed center fielder playing ball for that small a salary.

But he'd definitely be a great fit. And what do you mean, weakens the bullpen? Let him pitch, too! Imagine a double switch that put Reed Johnson in center, and Ankiel on the mound. LOLz.

I'm not sure the Cards would

I'm not sure the Cards would part with Ankiel anwyay, especially not for DeRo, but I don't think he'll ever pitch again.

Why not, after trading DeRo

Why not, after trading DeRo the HeRo, sign Aaron Miles? He's a fairly decent switch hitting 2B, and in a pinch, he can pitch an inning

I thought the idea behind

I thought the idea behind moving DeRo was to make room for Fontenot, who is likely to put up considerably better numbers than Miles ... who, well, who kinda sucks. I think that having Ryan Theriot at short and his offensive twin (but without the speed) Aaron Miles at second would be a bad thing.

its pretty obvious that the

its pretty obvious that the Cards wouldnt trade Ankiel for DeRo 1 for 1 but i think if u gave them DeRo + a pitcher or two u might have a deal. the Cards are trying to trade an outfielder for bullpen and/or rotation help, both of which we can provide. they also need a quality second basemen which we have 3 of.

and yes aj, you did read correctly, he does have a $900,000 salary.

Yeah Ankiel would

be great until he's suspended for roids. I don't see the Cardinals letting him go to any division rival let alone the Cubs.

I personally....

find it kind of silly whenever someone prefaces their statment/hypothesis/possibile plot/ whatevever with "This will never happen but" ......then proceeds to argue that possibility as if it would actually happen.

While we're on the subject of CF'ers that won't play for the Cubs, have we covered Matt Kemp? Ichiro? Grady Sizemore? these too will never happen and are probably better options than Ankiel. But nobdy considers them because well, they're NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I think Ankiel isn't that far fetched. Of course, after the Sportscenter Home Runs you're left with a lot of strike outs and a player who checks out a lot.

But if you think Ankiel is the answer, then dammit, stand by it, I cling to the hope that Johnny Damon will replace Jim Edmonds as the center field platoon in '09...wether that be a "long shot" "a near impossibility", "a remote possibility" or "a thought from DEEP DEEP DEEP DEEP left field".....Semantics? Maybe. But people that post their thoughts should at least believe they could happen. And saying "this will never happen but...." doesn't do that.

Peace, love, and Brown rice.


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