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Open topic - Jim Hendry's track record

I had the chance today to look through the first round draft record of the Cubs since Hendry came aboard in 1995.  I've expressed my opinion on Hendry's horrible record for a while now, and I am composing an article that looks deeper at the players the Cubs picked and those they overlooked.

But before I do, I thought I'd just ask you all - how do you think Hendry has done?  Remember, he was director of the farm system before he became GM, so one way or another he's had his hands on the development of every Cub player since 1995, either through choosing the draft pick, or contributing strong advice to that choice, or hiring the guys who'd train them while also devising the organizational strategy toward development.

So, how has he done?  I'll preface the topic by saying that I think he's done absolutely, inexcusably horrible.

Trib Cubs focused on "now".

Suggestion Kurt! Why focus on this guy's sad effort? Look at programs where the GM does the complete job. Studying the efforts of the Red Sox, Rays or Twins over the past five seasons will show how to get it done. These programs are the gold standard. Let's look to the new Cub ownership for the long term. Jim's never been a party to longtime excellence.

Sure, but being focused on

Sure, but being focused on NOW doesn't mean you stop sending out scouts to all the top colleges and high schools, and it doesn't mean you don't participate in the drafting and development of players. I can understand not having the patience to wait for some of those players to be ready, but there hasn't exactly been an issue of overcrowded talent at Iowa, either.

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