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A Far-away place to send Jason Marquis

I figure this idea to get mixed results, but the Cubs are trying to move Jason Marquis and aren't likely to get more than a sack of salty peanuts in return - so I have an idea.  Why not offer Marquis to the Yankees for Hideki Matsui?  But only on the condition that the Yankees send the cubs some cold, hard cash to offset Matsui's higher contract, say somewhere in the neighborhood of $5M.  I know he has recently had injury problems with his knee, but when healthy Matsui produces with a .295 career average, 100+ RBI, and he brings a LH bat to the OF with postseason experience (in 41 postseason games he has hit .302, with 6 HR, 26 RBI, and 27 runs scored).  If you aren't sold on the cubs having players ready to step into the 5th spot in the rotation then you take the cash from the Yankees, add a little to it, and pick up a starter on a 1 year deal - someone like Andy Pettitte/Randy Johnson/Brad Penny.  These 2 moves would benefit both the rotation and the lineup, with a subtraction of only Jason Marquis from the roster & cash.  Doing something like this makes more sense to me than signing any free agent outfielder long-term.  Also you add another Japanese player, which could greatly benefit Kosuke Fukudome's comfort level on the team along with his production, and the cub's marketing department likely wouldn't argue either.

For example

Getting Matsui would likely be better than trading him to the Rockies for next to nothing and also paying half of his salary to play there. This headline came from mlbtraderumors.com:

Rockies Could Pursue Marquis
By Ben Nicholson-Smith [December 26 at 5:35pm CST]

Instead of "getting caught up in a bidding war" for Tim Redding with a few other teams, the Rockies could turn their focus to Jason Marquis of the Cubs according to Tracy Ringolsby of the Rocky Mountain News (via Bleed Cubbie Blue).

Ringolsby points to the durability that Marquis has shown and his ERA of 2.51 in five career Coors Field appearances to explain the Rockies' interest. It'd also be fun to see Marquis at the plate in Denver, where he's posted a .704 OPS in 29 PA's as a hitter.

Marquis would likely be affordable for Colorado, since the Cubs "seem likely to eat roughly half" of the $9.9MM guaranteed to the righty in 2009.

The Mets have a similar strategy and would pursue Marquis if they can't sign Redding.

-So that being said there is interest for Marquis, as luke-warm as it may be, so paying him to play somewhere else is crazy.


i like that... i like that a lot, actually. it's a risk with Matsui's injury history, but with ample bodies to cover RF and keep his knees fresh for the postseason, that's not bad at all for a 1 yr run. i wonder if the Yanks would consider it.

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