Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Since it seems like Hendry's ass is dragging...

martha stewart would shit

...it appears that now is a good time to announce the completion of The Cubs Basement V2.0.

Not even hundred-year-floods can wash away the greatest bastion of Cubs hope west of Clark Street!!  New additions include the gorgeous blue microfiber sofa, the Miller Lite - Wrigleyville sign, and do NOT include a Cubs slot machine, since the slots do not offer the odds that roulette or even blackjack boasts.

Now that temperatures are below zero, I have a cozy cave to hibernate the winter away, only to reappear once again when Hendry finally signs the left-handed right fielder everyone says we so desperately need.

Until then, buy the book and don't stick yer tongue on any basketball poles.

The Cub cave

Rob, I always love photos of your mini-wrigley basement. Since the thing appears to be larger than my apartment, I'm jealous not only of the tremendous memorabilia, but also of your blessings of space.

Will you

sublet the basement? Forclosures are a bitch.

Byron and Clute

Mi casa es su casa.

The main room is 28 foot square. That's 784 sq feet for you math whizzes. Plus adjoining Bathroom of Douches, which is really only 1/2 bath.


i'm green with envy!! ivy green!!!!

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