Goatriders of the Apocalypse

Sunday yawn

Well, it would appear as though little is happening in the world of the Cubs today ... or this week ... or this month ... in fact, little has happened since they got knocked out of the playoffs in October.

At this point, the very real fear of the Cubs reaching Zero Objectives this off season appears possible.  So, let me open it up to you.  Do you think the Cubs will get anybody on their radar?  And if not, will they upgrade at all or roll into March with last year's team, minus Kerry Wood?

If Hendry didn't think he was

If Hendry didn't think he was going to sign a free agent to play right field, I feel like Peavy would have been done by now. Could he really not even accomplish that goal?

Bradley will sign this week, with either us or the Rays. If we lose out on Bradley, we'll go strong after Abreu. If we don't land Abreu, maybe Hendry will "settle" for Dunn. However, I think we'd get the best value if we managed to sign Bradley.

I also think if we missed out on all those guys, we'd make a trade for an upgrade. Our 2009 starting right fielder is almost certainly not on the roster as of right now.

I think that the Cubs will

I think that the Cubs will surely upgrade somewhere ... I just now think that it'll be "settle" type upgrades. Like I said... Hendry has certain guys on his radar, and I now doubt he'll acquire any of them.

When Hendry was at

the winter meetings, the big brass came down and said acquiring Peavy wouldn't mean the team didn't have enough money to still pursue Bradley. I know it was predicated on saving some $5M by trading Marquis but there is no Peavy and if Hendry doesn't at least get an impact LHB, it would be a shame and Hendry will go back on my shit list.

I feel your pain

I Suppose they could always raise ticket Prices right around Christmas...

I kid.I kid.


Just because we're in recession and coming off back to back sweeps you can't handle a little management to fan Abuse humor? Too Early? Fine. But if you don't laugh at that joke in February, then IT'S ON YOU.......

Wasn't George Bell for Sammy Sosa done during Spring Training? This just might be the year that shit's done differently.

I too fear that Milton Bradley is falling through the grasp of our ever tightening fingers. But I'm okay with it. The guy does get hurt,the over/under of when he goes up into the bleachers to beat up a fan is will probably be the fourth of July. and really, the truth is he doesn't win. I know, I know "Team Game". But name me some big hits in August or September. All I remember of Milton Bradley is that cool little hoedown he did with Nick Swisher after Home Runs, some gap triples in June and July, and then being held back by "A" Because he was about to kill "B". Not really "Final glue piece to help talented team succeed in high pressure situation" material,now is he? I know Colin will school me with a bunch of numbers showing how "Clutch" Game Boy is or isn't. But Like Jeromy Burnitz, there's a reason he's on a lot of losing teams....

I have faith in Hendry to do the right thing. Not just put a peg in a hole because it " sorta works". Until that Happens, Go Blackhawks!!!!!

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