Goatriders of the Apocalypse

See, what I don't get.....

...is the notion that the Cubs have to clear Mark DeRosa's contract off their books before they take on Peavy.

Yes, I would agree that his contractual situation, along with his versatility, makes him the most valuable tradebait we have.  But it's still only, like, $5.5MM I believe.  I forget which one of you did the math yesterday, but I think the bottom line was that after we traded DeRo and Marquis, that we would have $13MM to devote to a backup catcher and a right fielder.

Ooookaaay, and the latest plan either calls for us to use Koyie Hill or Paul Bako, either one making the minimum...

...that means we are going to devote $12.5MM to someone like Milton Bradley?  Really?  We can't pay a guy who has been instrumental to our 2 division titles $5.5MM, but we can pay Bradley over TWICE that??

Something about that just seems, um, unjust.

I believed in the Peavy trade, at its start.  Getting a true staff Ace, although it bolsters our strength instead of our weakness, would have been something different, a breath of fresh air, that would help us fans (and perhaps the players) forget the Failure of the 2008 playoff sweep.  If we could package our spare parts, some iffy prospects, along with the albatross that is the Last Year of Marquis' Contract, and come away with one of the handful of true Aces in the world today, that would be a psychological boost.

Bringing in anyone from the Core of our team was never part of the original plan.  The Padres had everything to gain from this deal, and I am glad Hendry did not cave in to their increasing demands.   

Good luck, Mr. Moores, on your divorce.

I think the idea was that the Padres...

...wanted more blue-chip prospects than the Cubs had, so they would flip DeRosa for more prospects. Salary wasn't the issue.

I've never been a

Hendry fan, but I'm glad he realized that the Cubs didn't need Peavy. It was Towers all along that needed a deal done and it was crazy for Hendry to be the one jumping through hoops to make it happen.

Vitters was a sticking point with me as well as moving DeRosa. It's one thing to get value for DeRosa in a swap with another team but quite another, to in essence throw him in to sweeten the pot for a pitcher the Cubs didn't need.

You see all the interest from other clubs when it became known the Cubs were willing to move DeRosa. It's not out of the question that DeRosa might even garner a leadoff man if Hendry really wants to move him.

So Kudos to Hendry for using some common sense here.

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