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2008 Season Recap: Felix Pie

Sorry to interrupt all exciting trade talk, but I gots to get this recap in before Felix is shipped out of town.

I don’t know what it is about young, left-handed centerfielders with a lot of success in the minors who wear No. 20, but it just doesn’t seem to work out for them with the Cubs. Such was the case with Corey Patterson and such is the case with poor Felix Pie.

Unlike Patterson, most of us probably feel a little bad for Pie if only because of his…ummm…unfortunate incident. However, like Patterson’s waning days with the Cubs, most of can probably agree that Pie’s time is all but over on the North Side.

You can’t feel too bad for Felix though, he did have more than a few chances to prove himself at the major league level. He was practically given the starting centerfield position without any competition at the beginning of 2008 (albeit on a short lease) and he couldn’t hold onto it. He couldn’t even stay with the big club for most of the season. In fact, he played so poorly, the Cubs had to go out and reconstruct the smoldering corpse of Jim Edmonds. That, my friends, is not good for Felix.

Pie has all the physical tools to still be a decent major league player. He’s fast, he’s athletic and still young (23). I’d like to think that someone the same age as me isn’t washed-up quite yet, but his time as a Cub seems to be all but over. In fact, his name is probably being tossed around the negotiation table with the Padres or Orioles as I write this.

It’s funny when you think about it really. Pie has only played in 130 games (260 AB’s) in a Chicago Cubs uniform but it feels like the guy has been around foooooreverrrrrrrrr. Maybe it’s because we’ve heard whispers of the ability he displayed in Iowa or maybe it’s because we wanted to get excited about an in-house prospects after the C-Pat implosion, but I can’t help but feel like we didn’t get a long enough look.

Oh well. Too good for the minors + too inconsistent for the majors = Outta here like Blago.

It is certainly another

damning indictment of the state of the Cubs organization. Who can tell with Pie's limited time at the MLB level if he would be the next Patterson or next Brock? Still, when you're a young kid with all of Pie's skills, I find it hard to believe he could not have at least been a viable major leaguer.

Pie never played baseball until he was 16 or so and if the Cubs are going to pick such a raw talent, they better have an damn good instructional organization to develop him.

The Cubs will always be behind the curve in fielding a complete ML Club unless they reorganize that sham of minor league organization.

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