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I'm OK With A Mark DeRosa Trade

There are so many reasons why trading Mark DeRosa, if it were to happen this offseason, would be a fine idea.


Mark DeRosa is known to many Cub fans as the super sub - he's seen time in the outfield, and at three of four infield positions. However, one has to assume there's a reason he's known for his versatility, rather than his play at one specific position.


Mark DeRosa is not the best defensive 2nd baseman. And really, aside from his 20HR season in 2008, he's not quite first-rate from an offensive perspective, either. Perhaps an accurate description would be to refer to him as a solid player with decent upside - upside that was fully realized last year.


If DeRosa is in fact a 20HR player, rather than a 10-12HR guy (like every other year in his career aside from 2008), then he's a steal at $5.5 million, and an outstanding asset at 2nd base. If not, then the Cubs would be wise to sell high on him, and move him this offseason.


The Cubs have another 10HR, .280 hitter that can play 2nd base on their roster. That man is Mike Fontenot. Furthermore, Fontenot brings something to the Cubs offense that they desperately need - left-handedness.


Trading Mark DeRosa accomplishes three things: 1) it creates payroll flexibility; 2) it gives more at-bats to a left-handed hitter with arguably just as much power potential; 3) it presumably helps the Cubs obtain an outstandingly talented starting pitcher.


Many Cub fans will likely be sad to see Mark go. Admittedly, to an extent, so will I. But as was the case with Kerry Wood, you can't fall in love with one year from one player, no matter how charming or determined or committed he seems. You've got to do things like sell high, balance your lineup, and obtain quality starting pitching, to win in this league.


That's why I'm OK with any deal that lands us Jake Peavy in exchange for Mark DeRosa.

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