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Let's take the rumors one step further

I heard the same rumors that Colin did, but my God, DeRo for J.A. Happ???  You have got to be freakin' kidding me???

NO WAY in hell do you pull the trigger!!  I mean, I want Peavy more than probably anyone else here, but would I, in essence, give up Pie, DeRo, Vitters, Marshall, and another prospect for him?  NO, NO, NO a million times no.

Now, here are some of the parameters that I understand:

  • Phils want DeRo, are kind of sick of their shortstop and his mouth
  • Orioles want Pie and they desperately need a shortstop
  • Padres want to get rid of Peavy but are stuck with only one trading partner
  • Cubs want Peavy and Brian Roberts, and also want to divest themselves of the Marquis du Suck

So, here's the deal:

  • Cubs send Phils DeRo and the Marquis du Suck and $3MM
  • Phils send Cubs Jimmy Rollins and Happ
  • Cubs send Orioles Rollins, Micah Hofpauir and Pie
  • Orioles send Cubs Roberts and Garrett Olsen
  • Cubs send Padres Sean Marshall, Olsen, Happ, Vitters and Cedeno
  • Padres send us our new staff Ace

We give Cedeno, Hofpauir, Pie & Marshall the opportunity to play full time.  We get rid of the last year of du Suck.  We get our staff ace, and our leadoff man.  The Phils get a Super guy, and a #5 pitcher, and get rid of a developing clubhouse cancer.  The Orioles fill in a gaping hole at shortstop, a CF with still a lot of upside, a DH who could hit 30 HRs for them, and they don't have to spend a whole lot of money to resign Roberts.  The Padres get a bunch of young cheap talent, and John Moores can afford to pay for his divorce.

But, Hendry, for God's sake, DON'T TRADE MARK DEROSA FOR J.A. HAPP STRAIGHT UP!!  I've seen Happ, met him, and he's no DeRo (true story, he's from L-P, my neck of the woods, and I am just shocked that he has gone as far already as he has).



Did you just use Marquis as a throwin to land Jimmy Rollins? And then not keep him!?!?!?!?!?!?

Don't want him

It looks misleading, but only because, in my eyes, a "Happ-for-DeRosa" trade straight-up is so lopsided.

Now I find out that it would be "DeRo for Happ AND another prospect". Still not liking it.

To me, the only way the Phillies ever get DeRo is if they also take Marquis.

Anyway, I don't want Rollins.

Happ's minor league numbers

Happ's minor league numbers look solid. Close to 3/1 K/BB last year, close to 9 K/9 over the course of his career. And his numbers have gotten better every year. He's no Cole Hamels, but he looks like a guy that might have some success as a starting pitcher in the major leagues. I'd be OK with DeRosa for Happ.

Perhaps more importantly, (average 2B + overpaid 5th starter) is not equal to (MVP-caliber shortstop + solid pitching prospect). Like, wow, not even close.

MVP Caliber shortstop

who also ripped on his own organization, and has worn out his welcome.

But to your original point - you would be OK with DeRosa for Happ? Straight up?

Freeing up salary, and moving

Freeing up salary, and moving one of our two (or three?) second basemen, for a young pitcher with upside. I admittedly don't know much about Happ but his numbers look fine. 2008 DeRosa for Happ? I don't think so.

Likely 2009 DeRosa for a young, and cheap, and perhaps even decent, starting pitcher? Is that so crazy a deal to take?

Is Rollins attitude

towards the Phillies worse that Manny's towards the Red Sox? It took a long time for the Red Sox to say enough with Manny and I can't believe the Phillies are at that point with Rollins.

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