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The crazy, mixed-up Peavy trade proposal

Kevin Towers says he has given the Cubs an actual trade proposal which "could happen quick."

What is it? That's a sticky wicket. I'm going to try to reconstruct this from the press accounts - consider this a police sketch of the trade more than anything else. I don't guarantee 100% accuracy or anything close to it.

It starts off with sending Mark DeRosa to Philly for pitching prospect J.A. Happ. Felix Pie then goes to the Orioles for pitching prospect Garrett Olson. Those players go to the Padres. This could be an either/or proposition, mayhap - it's possible only one of these deals needs to happen.

[UPDATE: And in fact, the Orioles say they have no idea what the Padres are talking about.]

The Padres then get some number of the following Cubs players (probably 3-4):

  • Josh Vitters
  • Ronny Cedeno
  • Michael Wuertz
  • Kevin Hart
  • Angel Guzman
  • Sean Marshall

Jason Marquis then goes... somewhere. Who knows where. For likely nothing more than a sack full of beans. $3 million or so in cash probably follows Marquis to his new home.

Sounds wild, I know. And I'm sure that a lot of you are going to consider the inclusion of DeRosa a bridge too far here. And it's possible that I'm wrong here entirely.

Some other rumor mill action, largely courtesy of Daily Herald scribe Bruce Miles:

Bruce's blog has consistently been the best source for Cubs rumors today - I highly recomend going there. And I owe a debt to MLB Trade Rumors, a great clearinghouse for information.

Until tomorrow.

NO.NO. NO. NO.NO.Send Mark




Send Mark to the PHILS? A "bridge too far"? I don't think a "bridge" covers how far that is. I can't even write anything more I'm so horrified.

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